Anyone paddled a Hurricane Skimmer

10 miles or more in one trip? How is it for touring?

find sissy103. She has one
but with the bear hunt referendum in FL in the past days she might be busy.

Have you checked the reviews?

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I had a 120 Phoenix that I liked a lot except for the molded in footrests. The Skimmer would be the way to go if I wanted another SOT.

Sissy and I have known each other
for years. She has a 120 she highly recommends.

I did check the reviews. The cynic in me
thinks there aren’t that many 10 boats on the planet.

I think the only boat that deserves a 10 is one that you sold and then went and bought it back…

I’ve done that a few times :wink:

I have paddled mine 12+ miles
quite a few times, String. Very comfortable kayak. I always take it when paddling the Econ from Snow Hill to 46, the trip you and Charlie and Tom and Deb did with me and Pam the day after Thanksgiving a few years ago. I like to use it in Cedar Key, or any situation where there is open water and likely wind. I have not used it for overnight camping, but I think it has plenty of storage, and the 140 would have even more.

You know I’m crazy about my Skimmer 128, but I more often use my Hornbeck, which weighs only 13#. Both are great boats, and each suitable for different areas. And of course, I still paddle my (second) Swifty on Juniper Creek, Mosquito Lagoon, and even Rock Springs Run if I’m catching a shuttle from King’s Landing outfitters—good guys, but I don’t want my good boats on their unpadded trailer.

If you have a chance, try the Skimmer 140. Much lighter than the Tarpon 140.

Kayamedic, I’m sure you saw the news, no bear hunt this year. I was at the FWC meeting Wednesday where this was decided. Quite an experience, becoming an advocate and activist this year.

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