Anyone paddled a Wenonah Argosy?

When the dog reaches 50 lbs , will it carry both of us?

My impression of the Argosy is that it hums along nicely for a relatively short river oriented boat and it turns nicely if you lean it a little. If you lean it a lot it gets very twitchy. I don’t know what the capacity is. You might have trouble with trim with the dog so you might have to move the seat rearward. My Wenonah Rendezvous was uncontrollable with a dog until I replaced the rear thwart with a kneeling thwart. Maybe the reviews offer more insight.

Thank you Tom.

Are you having any problem logging onto CT? I haven’t been able to for a month or so …I can access the site, but can’t log in… I’m really not that computer sophisticated and I use Safari, firefox on a older Apple desktop

If you are referring to the canoetripping forum, that message board is functionally dead, IMO. The many problems with the site have been known for months and there has been plenty of time to address them, or at least start to. But so far as I can tell, there is no plan to do so. I have made a number of attempts to contact the administration regarding the ever more frequent glitches through the “contact us” page on the site and they have gone unanswered.

I don’t know if this situation is due to a lack of technical expertise, a lack of capital, a lack of leadership, a lack of will, or just a lack of interest. But it doesn’t really matter. I rather expect the site to be off-line soon.

Thank you for defining CT.

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its a shame the Argosy has that funny hull shape that makes it pretty unstable when heeled more than a little. The widest part of the hull is just below the waterline as opposed to other boats that are more friendly to heel ; they have the widest part of the hull above the waterline. Example is the WildFire. the wide part is only two inches below the gunwales. I had one for a while for a beater boat. It wasn’t my cuppa . I never tried to get the dog in.

I have about the same impression of the Argosy as Kim does. I have no doubt that its capacity would accommodate 50 lbs of dog. But the Argosy is rather lacking in secondary stability if heeled very much so it that dog had a tendency to jump up and put its weight on one gunwale it could get twitchy.

The boat holds a ferry line well but the stern is too sticky for a river boat, at least in my opinion. And its sharp prow tends to knife into waves instead of rise over them. Lots of non-functional length in those proud stems as well. Seemed to me to be sort of a flat water boat that wanted to be a river boat but didn’t quite hit the mark.

Maybe String will have a very quiet dog. I have one that hates the water. Jumping out is his least favorite activity.

Same here . I wish it weren’t so. There was a good bit of good information there on repairs and DIY and building.

Thank you everyone. I’m just thinking now. Castoff has a tandem canoe on his pond and that’s where we’ll start the doggy education . It’s too hot now to do any doggy paddling anyway. She’s never seen a body of water, so that should be fun.