Anyone Paddled North of Elliot Lake, Ont

Has anyone paddled the loop up by Mississagi Provincial Park, just north of Elliot Lake, Ontario from Flack Lake through Bruce, Antonish, Ten Mile, Dollyberry, Gibbery, Sam Reid, through to Flack again? I did not list (above) all the lakes in that loop. But my question today is about the portages between Flack - Bruce - and Antonish Lake (especially). I happened upon a journal from 1998 talking about how brutal the “swamp” of the portages between Flack to Bruce and much worse through to Antonish and I was wondering if anyone had done that route in the last 10 years?

Any information about that area I would very much appreciate hearing from you. Thank you in advance for the time you take to respond.


Haven’t paddled it but want to
It’s beautiful country up there, I want to start

paddling those areas. Have you paddled french

river, was wondering the best route especially

in the delta towards georgian bay.

jay reply
Thanks for writing, Jay. I’m sorry I haven’t paddled the French R. yet. It too, is on my list to paddle some day. So I guess we both have one strike…

You may get some advice from the Canadian Canoe Routes website where posts and logs of routes take are… its at