Anyone paddled to Shackleford NC???

I’ve been once before camping when I was much younger, I’d like to repeat the trip but paddle out. We had a small boat with an outboard before.

I’d be coming down hwy 70 through Morehead so for the put in it looks like Beufort or Lonoxville would be the best places. The top map shows what looks to be a decent size pond that I’d like to shoot for as the campsite it looks to be just over two miles out.

Topozone seems to be having site problems or I’d show you the location I have in mind but to give you can idea it lookes to be south of horse island on my ADC map.

I haven’t, but…
I was in Beaufort a couple years ago and rented kayaks from a guy right on the waterfront for 2 hours. After poking around Carrot Is. and looking for the wild horsies we returned the boats and chatted with the owner about Shackleford and he showed me the chart and tried to explain to this freshwater-lubber about how to take advantage of the tides, ect. He seemed to know the area well and also guides trips “out there.” The place was called AB kayaks, if I remember right. Maybe he could help you.

There was a place to launch on Harker’s Is. (part of the Nat’l Seashore) but I bet there are others too.

Hope this helps.

yea, it looks like Harker’s island is a little further over then I want to paddle from but a quick Google search got me the email to AB so I’m guessing they will be able to help me out (so long as they don’t spend their time just trying to sell me something :smiley: ) Thanx for the tip.

The Outer Banks
I’ve paddled out to Shackleford twice and camp several nights out on the islands. Anything special you want to know?

shackleford banks
Crystal Coast Canoe and Kayak Club has some pretty nice free maps for the area around Carteret Co.

I asume I want to do the basic out with the tide in with the tide thing, however it looks lik I’d be crossing the channel where the New River flows into the ocean so I asume that has a current even at low tide so I take it that coming back with the tide I will still want to avoid the channel somewhat?

Are there lots of cactus like Bear Island?

I can’t quiet tell from the topo’s there is a labeled Mullet Pond near the Emrald Island end (good fishing?) and then two more smaller ones, the thrid looking like it might be a good place to camp around. Are these actual freshwater ponds or tidal pools?

Are the racoons a problem?