Anyone recognise this mad river model

Looking for model for this mad river canoe 16’ fiberglass.

canoe|666x500 noe 16" fiberglass.

A 16’ solo? Interesting

Could be an early Adventure 16. Nice canoe. It will have some speed.

Could this be the model?[gallery1]/16/

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I think skyview is correct. It looks like a Traveler to me, which is actually 16’ 2"- 16’ 3" in LOA. In fiberglass it is going to weigh around 60 lbs. But the boat in the photo you attached is Kevlar and weighs about 47-48 lbs.

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My first thought was Independence, but looking at the proximity of the rear thwart to the seat I’m going to go with Traveler as well.

I’ve been watching that boat on FB as well. If I didn’t have a couple of solos already I might think about making that road trip! Good price.

The Traveler is a big solo canoe descended from the Jim Henry designed “Screamer”, which was designed to be a downriver racer. As for all downriver racers that boat was quite deep for dryness.

The Traveler was cut down about an inch at center from the Screamer but is still pretty deep for a solo, 14" at center. It is pretty straight-keeled with the typical Mad River shallow V hull contour which makes it a hard tracker, and for its size it is pretty fast if you have enough horsepower to get it up to speed and keep it there. It has great carrying capacity if you are looking for a solo expedition tripper.

But it is a lot of canoe for a solo paddler doing day trips, with a large wetted surface area and a lot of freeboard to catch wind on open flat water. Maneuvering it downriver usually requires a lot of side slips and/or back ferries. It doesn’t exactly turn on a dime although it is pretty easy to heel over to get the stems out of the water to improve maneuverability.

Not a bad solo if you anticipate bringing along a small child or a sizable dog. The sliding seat makes it pretty easy to trim.

Great information. Thanks for the quick replies.