Anyone recognize this anonymous Craigslist kayak?

I have a friend (medium size male) who wants a sea kayak on a very tight budget. Any ideas what this one is? Thanks.

Look up the HIN number

I would wonder what the painter’s tape is doing on areas which look suspiciously like they might cover locations that could have identifying marks on them (serial number and brand and model ID).

That and the very low price and vague description would make me cautious about it being a stolen boat. If someone was going to sell a stolen boat on CL they would not list the make and model.

Thanks, good idea, PD52, and thanks, WL, that’s a good point. I thought maybe the tape was just holding on a “for sale” sign, but the pictures are pretty poor. Anyway I’m asking the seller for the HIN # and will see if anything comes of it.

I think this is an older boat - likely 90s or earlier. Looks to be very high volume. Great deal at that price, if it fits you. Likely was built by a manufacturer (earlier boats than this looks to be were sometimes hand-laid fiberglass, so wouldn’t have names/logos), but overtime the stickers and labels could easily have been removed or covered over during repairs.

Are they throwing in the rack pads? Those are so bad they are awesome.

Haha, yeah, I like the floral pattern against the white, very sharp.

Well, if it’s made for a very large paddler it’s going to be too big for my friend anyway. But I’ll wait to hear what the seller says.

It’s tough to find anything decent this cheap, but the fact that it can be done is pretty great. Plus it’s recycling!

Almost looks like a Seda which were high volume boats. And for high volume people. Even you could dance in there. Or perhaps an Easy Rider

One thing I would like to see on is a place where we could list the serial number of stolen boats.

I am pretty sure the tape is not covering the HIN of this one which would be back by the rudder… Sedas and Easy Riders had very easy to remove decals and I had friends with both who got rid of them immediately upon purchase. That there seems to be no shadow of a sticker against a faded gel coat ( and this for sure is an older boat) makes me think not stolen but perhaps given by a family member who got out of kayaking

I would worry about the blue tape and also the weird shape of the bow, (top view)

Yeah, I see the weird shape. Thanks for pointing it out.

The “odd” shape of the bow is just an artifact of using a super wide-angle lens. Everything about that pic is distorted, but it’s most apparent when looking at the bow of the boat. Look at the shape of the bow as seen in the very first pic and there’s clearly nothing wrong there.

The blue tape is clearly there to attach some kind of paper - likely FOR SALE signs. It is odd that they don’t have a decent way of transporting the boat, but maybe they picked it up from a family member who kicked the bucket and they are just looking to unload it.

Call him and ask if stolen, phone # posted.

So the seller just told me it’s sold, mystery not solved! Thanks anyway for all the help.

Coming to Michigan for any reason?

Wow! But, no. What model is that Valley? I’d take that one

Definitely a fat old west coast boat. Could be a Seda, I used to have one and it has some similariities but I think they werent as tall in back. Maybe an ancient Eddyline or Pacific Water Sports too

@Doggy Paddler said:
Wow! But, no. What model is that Valley? I’d take that one

I can’t tell. But it does have a drop-down “scag.” :slight_smile:

Maybe this one also has a skag: :wink:

Maybe this one also has a skag: :wink:

@Doggy Paddler said:
Wow! But, no. What model is that Valley? I’d take that one

It looks like a Valley Skerry

Good to know, thanks! I’m not in Michigan and it’s too big for my friend, so all is well.