Anyone recognize this Mad River canoe model?

This turned up for sale on FB Marketplace locally. Perhaps an Explorer? No model ID shown nor length noted in ad (I am awaiting message feedback from seller, but lately I have not had good luck with responses in that venue). It looks shorter than the MR tandems I am familiar with and like it has some rocker. I am not aware of what tandem MR would be so short. A friend is seeking a tandem for flat water and this is only $300. Before I waste a cross-county drive I thought maybe it would look familiar to somebody.

This looks like a Mad River Explorer 16. If it is, it’s a great all-purpose boat. I paddled one for many years on rivers from twisty, lazy streams to Class II+ . It tracks nicely but, with a bit of lean, can pull off fairly snappy eddy turns and peel-outs. Very stable, even with a lean. At that price it’s a steal! Only downside is weight - about 80 pounds.

I think you can make out the name St Croix on the bow. I don’t know anything about the boat.

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Ah, yes. I see that now once I zoom in. Thanks, Tom.

The St. Croix is a cheapie ($599 new) made of triple ply rotomold plastic, 14’ 6" x 36" and 69 pounds. Probably produced to compete with the OT Guide 146, though it was even cheaper than that model (I co-owned one of those Guides for a few years).

I’d have jumped on it if it was a Royalex Explorer, but I already have a 13’ 6" solo less than half that weight, so the St. Croix would not be that useful of an addition to the fleet except as a loaner, and I have enough of those already.