Anyone recommend a cart trailer?

I was wondering if anyone can recommend a cart to help drag it from the car to launch area. I wouldnt be trailing through the woods a half mile or anything,Im talking like moving around in the yard,and from my vehicle to the water. Im moving a Pungo 140 “Under 70lbs”

I seen there are many different brands,some cheap and some pretty pricey. I seen some on Ebay for like $38.00 Shipped. I know there probably not the best but would these last a decent amount of time,or is this thing super cheap and going to break on my first or second use?

For the most part most have similar designs,but I seen one some guy used at the dock and it looked really easy,I looked it up and it was called a seattle sport paddle boy peanut cart. Just two wheels and a rectangular frame where you insert the kayak through,clip one bungee on and it looks like the cart naturally holds the kayak. My only concern is that it will dig in over bumps and while pulling it,but nothing a few pads wouldnt fix. Any thoughts on this one?

Thanks for the Help!


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The one you mention I made out of scrap 2x4s, a couple of lawn mower wheels ,some five inch x5/8 lag screws and a pool noodle. less then 25 bucks. I use a thick bungee cord to hold it to the cockpit. I used the dimensions from the add on line. The real difference is mine is nearly square in shape. It easily fits on the stern deck when I'm on the water and I use the bungee that holds it on during travel to hold it on the kayak to save on the boats existing lines. It has been finished with left over stain a few coats of marine polyurethane. Two years running and works great. Drill the holes straight, and use at least 7" tires. Works on grass, gravel, dirt and stairs.

DIY is also a option
I too was thinking about that,Im no master craftsman but im sure I can come up with something similar.

Oh I am no craftsman myself, my friends call me the “wood Butcher”, even so it was not that hard. I left out that when assembling the frame I pre drilled the holes and used coated 3 1/2" deck screws and wood glue. A large washer on both sides of the tire, and all plastic tires so there would be no need to worry about metal bearings rusting.

Also DIYed here…
I had a cart that my dad made for me when I was 15…made from electric wheelchair wheels and pieces from a waterbed frame. That thing could go over some seriously rough ground…and I think after I upgraded to a motorized canoe carrier (ie, a car), my dad later added a trailer tongue to the cart so that he could tow things down the road.

My point is…DIY is possible and often better than the flimsy things you can buy.

Factor in the time and fuss needed to
attach the boat to the cart, and detach again, plus extra trips to put the cart where it needs to be while you are on the water or inside at home.

For short boat moves, it is often quicker to just horse the thing up and carry it. Longer trips, a cart makes more sense.

I was thinking the same thing…
I was also thinking on where I would use it,and if I had to run back and forth to the car to put it away and grab it when im ready to go.

So im thinking I want a real light one that I can just bungee to my kayak while im out on it. Those trail tracker ones probably looked about the best as far as weight and looks like it would be easy to strap down.

I think im going to try to make one of those,if I can find the materials. I went to my local lowes and they had no aluminum rod “solid or hollow” for the axle. Looks like there are some washers and cotter pins to keep the wheels in place and they use automotive 3/4" heater hose. Anyone build one of these are have plans or suggestions on how to build?