Anyone rocking these??

five finger shoes
I may be biased but this is simply my opinion. I think the five finger shoes are a bit of a fad. While in Afghanistan last year, I saw many Marines running in these as there’d been some studies indicating this type of shoe was better for running since it was the closest thing to being bare foot. I personally prefer a bit of shock absorbtion as I’ve been running for over 20 years and like to mitigate wear and tear on my spine. Now for kayaking and canoeing, I think this type of shoe will gain some footing (no pun intended, well maybe just a little) as there’s a real practical application to having protected feet in murky waters where you cannot see what you’re stepping on. I would offer that if you like them and can get some extra pairs at a good price do so. Once the next shoe trend comes along, these will become a bit more scarce.

Yep, I know…

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I have watched & "studied"... Thinking that some of the tricks the prey do are a time waster, but I am hoping to be there soon.

Only wondering why nobody moved at night? Might be a rule???

Paddle easy,


Got a pair last fall on sale …

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... the neoprene ones. I wear teva's to paddle all summer, but found in my new boat the deck is just a little lower and the fit is a little tight. So I wanted something warmer as the water got colder, and with lower profile.

They look weird. I had seen them around and had no interest. But when the need arose, the sale plus other available options caused me to try them on.

They still look weird, but I like the fit under the deck. They are tight enough to keep sand out, which was another consideration. The neoprene ones do that; not so sure on the mesh ones. All in all, they're comfortable for kayaking.

But the best thing is my kids and the wife's reaction. They think this whole kayaking thing is geeky, and have a good time making sport of the gear. Like the skirt. My dry suit (when I had one) brought the house down ... dad's "space suit".

So these five fingers give me a bit of revenge: "Dad, you're NOT wearing those to pick me up! We're in public!!!" If only I could fit in some white socks...

OOPS! I thougt black socks and sandals
are in style. I always wear black socks with my sandals.

that’s the funny part…
for anyone who thinks these are weird looking, there’s bound to be something in their (kayaking or otherwise) wardrobe that’s just as odd. Hawaiian shirts, Birkenstocks and Tilleys anyone?

To me, if they fit you right the Five Fingers are super comfortable, highly useful for kayaking and swimming, and do mimic the barefoot feeling when walking (I personally wouldn’t choose to run in them though).

Converse, Air Jordans, Vans, Timberlands, Shape-Ups, Chotas, Crocs etc… most footwear tends to be faddish in nature as it is marketed toward a particular niche.

I have 2 pairs & really like them. Not only are they comfortable but I love to watch peoples reactions when they see them. One pair I bought to wear kayaking, the other pair is for around the house & being out and about. The pair I bought to kayak in comes handy when I go hiking around the local waterfalls. I plan on getting some more and yes its because I’m a woman and want more colors. I have bone degeneration & no matter what shoes I wear my back hurts. I’ve found the Vibrams actually give my back a rest. They’re a heck of a lot more comfortable than the steel toe shoes I have to wear at work.