Anyone rocking these?? They look cool and unique…but is there anything more than that?

What problem do they solve?

Perhaps it’s just the problem of one’s shoes looking like everyone else’s shoes

… biting… my… lip…

Let it out brother!

What’s on your mind … oh wait … I know … It’s about my Crocs isn’t it?

But I can tell you what problem they solve. Speed of installation, baby!

Actually…they’re pretty sweet!
They’re really comfortable and stay on good. I like my crocks too, Brian, but these are pretty nice…

Ok and all

… but we both know you are a complete and unrepentant gear whore :wink:

I was looking into those aswell…
But, I was looking at them for a totally different reason. I applied to be on the TV show “Mantracker”. Figured they would place a helpful implement on confusion.

Paddle easy,


So wat iffin’…

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lets say, yer gots inta a tussle wit Mike Tyson an' he gnawed one o' yer tootsies off - so now yer gots only 4 toes left an' yer put on dat strange shoe an' yer gots dis empty toe thang floppin' around witout a toe in it an' it gits stuck in a strainer an' now yer drownin' an' everybody else be a'laffin' at yer cuz yer hangin' by dat empty toe thang an' Mike Tyson be still chompin' on yer big toe an'.......

Dun't sound too safe ta me...


five fingers
I actually just bought a pair this last week. Not sure if I will use them for kayaking or not because I already have river shoes. On that note if you have extremely flat feet like I do they are very comfortable and I wear them day to day.

Love or hate.
They started out as a purely functional idea and were really embraced by certain types. These being barefooters, certain types of boulderers, etc. For the people that really use them and take a shine to them, they are freakin fantastic. Uuuuunfortunately, they have trended lately more towards statement or style (much like the SUV boom). Like the winter boots, the leather versions, etc. I personally hope they don’t fall victim to their own success, because the ‘real’ models do fill a niche.

Did I mention I bought a Kestral from Dave Curtis? I’m waiting for better weather to pick it up…maybe late March,early April…

I like watching that show…hope to see ya on it…Those guys are pretty good though…

Use them to…
Walk around your x wife or girlfriends house at night and leave footprints. Call her the next day and mention the stalker you heard about on the news. Vf

An’ foythermore…

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Imagine de cleanup job after steppin' in dawg toyds wit dem. Gadzooks!


My girlfriend uses them for running…
…in good weather and she loves them.

stupid question
but what does “rocking these” mean?

“Rocking These”

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That's the new trendy term that's going around. Right up there with Awsome, Bad, Rad and all the rest. In fact, these shoes are the latest trendy shoe. Just another reason why I won't have a pair. Gotta wait till they aren't trendy.

Yeah I am old and am waiting for black socks and sandals to come in style. Then I will be trendy.

after 4 days on the river we
made the dude with those things sleep 50 meters away and down wind


that would be my thought too
First, thanks to everyone for answering my question. It’s seems I’m hopelessly out of it. (Bring on the Glenn Miller and Glenlivet!)

Second, can you imagine if it were the reverse? If these shoes had always existed and then someone came out with traditional shoes – wouldn’t they be the best invention ever! Nothing suffocating every individual toe, room to breath, etc. I don’t get the attraction. I’d pay money not to wear those gorilla things.

Know of users
Whether these shoes are way more useful than their more normal competition I can’t say, because I haven’t tried them myself. But we do know people who have and love them. We hear mostly that they can be quite low profile (this can start mattering for big feet in a small boat) and that the soles are decently grippy. I believe the last part - I look for Vibram outsoles in my winter and hiking boots to assure good traction in dicey footing.