anyone rolled the p+h scorpio lv ?

I saw the other post for the p+h and i am new to sea kayaking and have the scorpio lv. never gave it a thought that it might be more difficult than anything else. has anyone out there rolled the P+H scorpio lv ? how do you like this boat? etc…

I have nothing to compare it to, but so far really like it, and have only had the opportunity to just learn the basics so far.

Not me but a paddling friend

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Rolled it, liked it, thought it was a great boat.

What other post?

someone asked
about rolling the P+H sirius. they were having a difficult time.

I rolled it

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at the East Coast Kayak Festival. I could roll up in it just fine. So don't worry about the boat being a problem when it comes to rolling.

If you got the impression from all that that the Sirius is hard to roll, you got the wrong impression. My experience is that it has a different feel than most kayaks. There were also others that described different kayaks as having a different feel that are considered easy kayaks to roll, but threw them a curveball at first. If I wasn't used to rolling different boats, my feel would have developed to match the Sirius first, and I wouldn't have known the difference.

Good luck. And get out there and start your rolling while the weather and water temperature are still good for it!

My Experience with Scorpio LV

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"There were also others that described different kayaks as having a different feel that are considered easy kayaks to roll, but threw them a curveball at first."

My first roll with the Scorpio LV was iffy, very iffy. However I believe the above comment explains why. I was accustomed to rolling with a GP and a gentle unwinding as opposed to a "hip snap". The Scorpio LV seemed to have a very high secondary shoulder as you could lean it forever and it would pop back. When on the back side of that shoulder I needed to give it a little extra effort to get it over the hump so to speak. At least that is the impression I had of it. I should have added the first time I was accustomed to lower volume boat and the extra effort to me was likely just the normal effort for a larger boat. Did not mean to imply anything negative about the Scorpio LV's "rollability"

sent you an email

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someone who uses the Scorpio LV for rolling classes, she is ACA certified...& very good to talk to.... didn't want to put up the particulars here. Basically she rolls it easily w. Euro and traditional blades.


Have YOU tried to roll the boat? Are you thinking of taking a class?

I ask bec. impressions of boats are so individualized. We all mean well, but we are not YOU.

If you want to learn, just take the class and don't spend a nanosecond on how your boat will roll.

Visualize your success, relax and go for it. Rolling is far more about flexibility, timing and technique. Also comfort level being under water. These can be acquired if not inherent.

P&H makes serious performance seakayaks.(Ouch, that was unintentional)

They all are designed to be rolled. The Sirius thread was from a seasoned paddler who hit a bump and who has the ingrained skills and experience to get back on track.

There is nothing in the design of the Sirius to inhibit successful rolling. Even if there was, it is not a contagious disease that transmits to other P&H boats! :D

The Scorpios (both versions) FWIW are the plastic versions of the P&H Cetus. People I know roll that boat as routinely as any other.

It’s not about the manufacturer
P&H makes a number of boats, as do the other major manufacturers, with differing characteristics. The details of one model from a given manufacturer may have nothing at all to do with the details of another one.

Also, the Sirius is a relatively old design. As I recall from when I demo’d one (it was before I could roll) it has fairly high decks. That can create issues if the paddler is accustomed to the much lower rear deck to be found in current models like the Scorpio LV.

None of this is stuff that you need be worried about at the moment. Continue getting seat time and some coaching, you’ll figure it out for yourself.

i have only had the class that
involves doing a wet exit and re-entry w/ assist, paddle techniques etc…(an ACA class w/ a cert. instructor) i had a hairy experience ( got caught in my boat upside down in a murky river and swallowed ALOT of water) i did a few more and a couple w/ the spray skirt on, these went fine. i’ve been trying to get together w/ some experienced people to keep practicing, but it’s hard w/ everyones i will have to sign up for some more stuff w/ maybe a diff. instructor. cha ching cha ching!!!

so i was just curious that’s all, i know all boats are different…,and i don’t mean to give the impression that just because one or two people had a hard time or impression of a cert. boat that i think that about mine…i was just curious because i haven’t got that far yet. i really want to get to some more advanced stuff, but all in good time. thanks for the encouragement though.

Its never the boat
My $.02

Dubside says that in a video in which he rolls every conceivable type of kayak. Basically its just a matter of understanding the boat, having good technique, and being able to adapt your technique to the boat. Eventually you will get to the point where you are comfy and the roll seems to happen in slow motion so you can adjust during the roll.

I thought the Scorpio LV was a nice boat, and wished I had had a chance to paddle it in some challenging water since my impression was it would shine there. It rolled fine once I adapted to it just as I have to do when I take my Force 4 out after a layoff.

You have a very good boat. Just learn and play about and all will be fine. Don’t get into the misguided mindset of thinking this or that boat is this or that.

believe me i won’t
i love my boat…Just ask my boyfriend ! he’ll confirm that.

“The Sirius thread was from a seasoned paddler who hit a bump and who has the ingrained skills and experience to get back on track.”

…and who’s mastered effective whining :slight_smile:

Seriously, thanks, FF, I appreciate the vote of confidence.

keep the faith grrll nfm

Tho’ This Site Fosters That “Mindset…”

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about this boat or that boat... This paddle or that paddle...

The first woman I helped with learning a roll was in an old Carolina, 14'x24". If she paid attention to this site, she would be told that's a "hard" boat to learn a roll in. I asked if that was the boat she paddles in. She said, yes, it was her boat and what she uses. "Then that's boat you should learn to roll in..." I said. She was rolling that boat with an extended paddle in about .5 hours.

Just believe and just do it.


that’s so cool and