anyone seen this company yet?

for a kayak trolley it looks kinda interesting:


They have a link to… not that that in itself validates anything.

They look great though.


looks like a Mahone J-craddle
on its side

I’ve got one
I’m kind of disappointed in it. It is difficult to get the straps tight enough that you don’t tip the whole thing over. The straps tend to slip, but I haven’t really spent a lot of time with it, and made sure that I did things right. I am most often anxious and impatient to get to the water, and just slap the boat on it, and hope for the best. So…anyone could probably do better. :slight_smile: I liked the price, and the folks were nice and the shipping was fast.


V3 Vee Cart
I bought one about a year ago. I Love It! It is way overbuilt. Much better than some of the plastic ones out there. I use it on my canoe and my kayak. They have some other cool models too but I dont know how well they work.

On ebay there is a company called Key west paddlesports or something like that that have a similiar get up for 30 bucks or so. the cradle is a hard rubber v though and I can take one wheel off and put it in the back hatch of the Outer Island to give you an idea of size. Never carried one before but with some of the long ass boat ramps on this inland sea I paddle on, it is nice to not have to leave the boat on the side. treck up to the car, dry off to drive down and then load. this way i just strap it on at waters edge and bring it up to the car. Comes with an additional bungie for rougher terrain but i have never used it.