anyone seen this yet?

Paddler’s Place
Posted it this morning.

Interesting photos of the hull:

i saw that too
My wife and I have paddled a fair amount there, although not for a few years now. Used to be a lot of seals, probably attractive to the sharks. There’s been a lot of Great White sightings in the area this year. Kinda makes ya think twice…

was on New England Cable News
last night as a very small news story.

pattern for shark deterence
There was a nature documentary on TV a few nights about various methods that have been tried to repel or deflect sharks. So far the best seems to be a specifically engineered pattern of black and white stripes that apparently triggers the sharks’ instinctive aversion to venomous banded sea snakes. There are now a few companies marketing striped wetsuits and hull striping kits for surfboards and boats.

sure what the circumstances there were exactly…but the girls said they were out taking pictures of seals…were the seals all up on some rocks and none in the water.

If so…that right there should of told them to NOT be there.

usually a good indicator that a large predator is around

white hull
The California shark attack was on a red hull leading to opinions on red luring sharks.

Maybe the NE hull had fish oil on it ?

There are days. One nutty shark on 200 miles of coast, you catch him in a bad mood.