anyone seen VCP Quill Gray?

Am trying to sort which colour for deck over white hull on new VCP boat. I do not have access to the dealer’s Llewelyn-Ryland chart. What about their Rail Blue? Have been waiting over a week to hear from mfg for electronic images or colour swatches.

grey is a pretty standard grey. It looks quite ‘traditional’ if an off-white boat is desired. I had an Greenlander in this color- deck and hull.

The rail blue has a teal look. not really blue IMO. quite nice but not outstanding or visible.

hope this helps


Quill over White Avocet

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I have a Quill over White Avocet. The Quill color is like an "Off White". Here is a couple links to photos of the boat.
I really like the "Traditional" appearance.

I am trying to order a Nordkapp from dealer way far away. Any suggestions on specifying the position of a factory custom bulkhead too? In my poly Avocet, my braces are 1150 mm rom rear edge of seat. I realize the deck is higher on the Nordkapp.

Bulkhead Placement and VCP Quill…
I’m 6’ and had the bulkhead on my Aquanaut placed at 33" and I brace off 1" of foam.

MIKCo orders just about all their Valley and NDK boats with 34" or 33" forward bulkhead placement.

Tom feels that moving the bulkhead any closer, in other than very low volume boats, reduces the resale potential.

The Aquanaut I demoed at MIKCo last year was Quill with English Racing Green seam and coaming. Looked very nice. Tom Bergh said one of the reasons he ordered the Quill for a demo boat is that it does not show scrathes and mars. I saw this boat again this year and he is right.

BTW the Nordkapp is one of the sexiest boats. Are you getting an H2O?

hoping for H2O
There is only ONE VCP importer here into Australia. They have offered to order one for me. Not certain how much attention they command from Valley given relatively low volumes ordered. Plus base Nordkapp here runs a shade over $3500 US dollars. Have not heard yet what any custom work might cost. This might persuade me to get a standard one. Plus if I quote wrong measurement, I have a very expensive mistake.

I do like the sound of quill deck, white hull and green trim. Thanks for that esthetic.

closed cell foam – what i do.
measure the distance from the edge of your seat to the bulkhead at a distance where you can stretch your feet out straight and comfortably. have the bulkhead placed there.

then use minicell foam to ‘fill in’ the distance such that your feet when placed on the foam, are at that angle which enables you to properly handle your boat and is at the same time, comfortable.

i’d personally not worry about resale. i don’t intend to trade in my boat every couple of years like some people do cars. it’s MY boat and it’s gonna fit ME the way I want it to.

I like the quill personally
and if you are looking for an alternative to white. It is nice because it doesn’t show wear like other colors but is not as bright in the sun as white.

and yes alot of traditionalists, like “quill”

I am very sorry to say that GRO sold their last demo Anas Acuta in this color before i had a chance to buy it.

No cost
Custom bulkhead placement is a no cost option from Valley. Specifying your desired colors for deck, hull and coaming & seam is also no cost. Should you desire it, choosing rope skeg over slider is also no additional cost - I chose rear deck rope skeg and it was no additional cost.

Valley’s standard forward bulkhead placement is 37" - probably suitable for someone up to 6’4" or 6’5". It seems as if, the way Valley measures, forward placement roughly equal to your inseam should give you plenty of room.

This is based on my Aquanaut which has lower foredeck than a Nordkapp.

BTW - Valley ships precut foam for hips and thighs - in at least two thicknesses.

Valley Custom Bulkhead
One negative of going with the custom bulkhead is that Valley will cut a flat panel rather than using their curved bulkhead which spreads the load over a wider area. Less likely to have deck cracking with the curved bulkhead.

Good Luck with the Nordkapp,


its sold?
The one recently listed for $1800?


Even non-traditionalist like the color
My QCC is very close to that - custom mix light grey deck over white hull. Really does hide scratches well. Easy on the eyes to. Not as glaring as white but nearly as visible.

My VCP is some sort of teal. Not blue, not green. Maybe the one mentioned above - if they used it 10 years ago. In photos is seems to look more blue or more green. Hard to show.

Yup re: flat bulkhead
Unfortunately, it is true for those manufacturers (such as Valley and Impex) that standardly have curved bulkheads that for custom placement use flat.

It is a trade-off.

I’d rather have the additional room in the foreward compartment and not be bracing off 5 inches of foam.

Quill is a subtle color
It’s hard to tell a quill boat from a white one unless you have them side by side.

with full sun on deck and hull in slight shadow. My kayak looks white in some pictures because of that. Very happy with a very similar color. Deck probably has as many or more scratches than hull, but you have to look really close to see them.