Anyone Still Using Optio 33WR?

I just bought an inexpensive factory refurb 33wr, could not find a 43wr. Couldn’t be bothered to mess around with another digicam that “freezes”, as is the reported tendency of the Optio WP & WPi.

I have read the long review at:

Are any of you still using this camera? How is it holding up? Repeated dunkings?



I have the 43WR
I have the 43WR and it is holding up very well after two years. I have even used it for underwater photography. It also spent ten minutes under four feet of pacific ocean water while I took a rest break, before I saw it when I was getting back into my boat. It has gone on close to a hundred kayak outings, and numerous hiking and snowshoing outings and is no worse for the wear. No problem with cold or submersion.

33 good so far
Mine is doing well, but I tend to baby it. A few minor dunkings.

I love the AA batteries, though.

I have the 43WR, too
No problems, but I haven’t used it in cold weather. There’s another thread right now about short battery life of the WPi.

I don’t think that’ll be a problem with the WR, because it takes AA batteries, both alkaline (not recommended–very short life) and lithium (get the blue-and-silver Eveready ones). Oh, yeah, it also takes rechargeable AA batteries; the life of those is in between the alkalines and the lithiums. I highly recommend sticking with the Eveready lithiums.

I have a 43WR and I slipped on a ramp
and was fully submerged and the camera was in my PFD. I was able to take pictures immediately. The only issue I have is sometimes the indicator shows that the rechargeable battery is fully charged and it isn’t (this was covered in another recent post- I think by Magoo). Overall it’s a very nice camera.

Would Appreciate Info…
Been searching high and low for a 33wr - could you please post or e-mail me ( info re where your got your factory refurb?

Much Appreciated,

Rick Hayes

Refurb Source
Hi Rick,

I found the refurb through - searched for the terms ‘Optio’ and ‘WR’. The associated retailer was someone doing business as “BJTronics”. I asked the retailer a couple of questions by email (bjtronics at and found their answers terse and somewhat odd - ie two words or all caps.

Anyway, the camera was delivered in like new condition with factory packaging, manuals and software, usb and video out cables, as well as AA batteries. No complaints about the seller in terms of price, condition, shipping.

In terms of simple point and shoot use, it doesn’t hold a candle to my late lamented (dunked and dead) Olympus D3-Something-L 1.3 mp digicam. However, I expect better results once I take the time to learn its features. Movies are pretty cool, too, in addition to simple voice recording capability.

I think was selling them new before Christmas for around $250.00. Try searching their site, too. Another character selling through Amazon has one listed as new for $499.00. He’ll have that on his hands for some time to come, I’d guess.

Hope you can find one, or the “Grail” of optio WRs, the 43.

Last week, EBAY had a couple of the 33s, but they seem to have sold.


Charger life diagram
Those are estimates, and it’s possible that widely varied temps could throw off the estimates.

Optio wr 43 under water use?
Hi, I just bought a used Optio WR 43 at the the Greenland kayaking event- QUSA Delmarva paddler’s retreat for $20. I am going to have to splurge and buy the USB cable for about 99 cents and a 2G card for $3.99 on Amazon- it has a 1G card in it currently.

I feel pretty lucky with this so far- but I haven’t done more than mess around with it around the house.

I would love to use this to critique my rolling skills this winter in pool sessions- but I am a bit concerned about the statement in the manual about not for underwater use. Do I need to heed that warning?

I know the price is right to be a little daring, but I hate the idea of ruining a good thing even though I paid little for it. Your opinion would be appreciated!