Anyone take an iPAD on a trip

People seem to like bigger screens for digital devices.

Perhaps they may put it on a cross member of a canoe

or on the deck of a kayak for navigation, weather,

bird identification, tour info, etc., etc.

Waterproof doesn’t seem to be an issue

Anyone have first hand experience doing this ?

A related piece of information
I am a member of a research project that has physicians carrying around an IPad in the Emergency Department to access and input information. There is concern that germs and viruses could be carried from patient to patient on the IPad. That is taken care of by wiping them down between patients just as doctors wash their hands between patients. They are not fully waterproof but they are strongly water resistant. So I would think that the bag in the video plus the water resistance of the IPad would do the job.

My wife has an indestructable case
She does not use it underwater but has kids with severe autism use her personal ipad with programs, since the school does not supply them. The cases are listed as “military quality” … and holds up to a lot of abuse. I suspect it is fairly water tight.

Watershed makes such a bag.


I don’t use an ipad, but I used a similar smallish Watershed bag, and it was bulletproof.

not yet
I am planing on using an iPad on water for teaching this coming season. Instant visual feedback for both coach and student. LifeProof has a waterproof case.

Using iPad while underway, paddling !
Seeking real life stuff - iPad on deck of kayak

(constant) and/or secured to crossmember of canoe

as waterproof verify - NOT tucked in a hatch,

or in a drybag, or used on the banks next to a river.

IN the river stuff, IN the ocean, IN the sea,

IN the lakes with capsizes , dumps,

overboard scenarious, the whole 9 yards.

I have a current APP for iPhone at Apple iTunes store ;

but people seem hesitant to take an iPad

actually paddling AND use it underway !

It won’t survive that.
All you need to do is google ipad water damage. No question.

Watershed says you can use it
through the clear, flexy window, while it’s sealed in the bag.

I’d be interested in having interactive maps on an ipad, but not much else to justify having a device like that along. I’d like to know more about what actual users do with them.


Take at look at these. I used these all the time in kayak and canoe. I used the suction cup mount from my gopro and fixed a connector on the case. Worked great and I would snorkel with it as well.

I know three people who have dunked a
Phone in a lifeproof case. 2 worked, 1 failed.

You have to draw the line somewhere.
This is where I draw the line.

The rub, the bone of contention, reality

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Hundreds upon hundreds of ""waterproof"" cases,
pouches, mechanical devices exist on the market.

The slick brochures, webpages, snippet videos, show
the devices ""attached"" to all sorts of water stuff,
paddle boards, jet skis, catamarans, wind surf, etc., etc


Almost nobody I can find, i.e. a real living person,
can attest to using their electronic device, on a
canoe or kayak , once a week for a paddling season.
Let's say 20, 30, 40 times , on the water, proven,
verifiable, actual usage, real life action .

SURE, I take my mp3 player, in a case for tunes.
It stays secure, I rarely mess with it once underway.

IF you see an article, an adventurer, a researcher,
in a real life scenario using it on, in, around,
the water day in and day out, PLEASE post a link !

Just in -

I use a B&N Nook
I load it with maps and guidebooks of the area, cookbooks and valuable paddling articles.

plus the usual ‘read at camp when I am going to bed or just lazy’ books.

I did invest in a badded case and a waterproof case but you mentioned that wasn’t an issue.

Hard to see
You can get a waterproof case, but almost impossible to see in the sun.

Yeah, on a Watershed, I’d have to prop
the cover flap up to shade the screen.

I’ve used Aloksaks for years but . . .
. . . not for electronics. The the top “zip” can open accidentally if you are not careful. The Watershed bag looks much more secure.

I’ve never taken an iPad or smart phone on a trip because I don’t own either.