Anyone tried a new snapontop??

I’ve seen an ad, but no reviews or news about these new snapontop kayaks. Any news?

Skeptical of performance

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It's a modular put-together kayak

The brochure says ""high performance""
- the actual marketing says buy at the same place
you get your ketchup, pickles and ribs for BBQ

I think I saw the one talked about at a trade show, but it looked rather cheap.

Similar are the ones that Point65 has. I’ve paddled the Tequila SOT. I think I paddled the Martini Rec boat (but I am not much of a rec boat guy, so it really didn’t appeal) - note they also called it high performance. Waiting for the sea kayak version they have been talking about for years.

You mean this

BTW same “1,2,3” slogan as the Snap.