anyone tried a Perception Swifty 2

I am looking for a relatively inexpensive tandem sit in kayak and found a Perception Swifty 2 at Dicks. I just sold an older Perception Acadia and was very pleased with it. But I cannot find much information on the Swifty 2. There is not a review in or much else anywhere on the internet…

Anyone out there had any experience with this boat?


Mike D.

I just saw the same boat at DICKS…
…selling for around $500.

It’s hull design reminds me a bit of my PAMLICO 145T, but I think it’s a few inches shorter. I don’t like the fact that it looks like the seats can’t be moved for solo paddling like the PAMLICO 145.

It’s a Rec boat, definitely pack in the float bags if you get it. There are a few skirts available.

It’s technically an “ISLANDER” kayak (previous PERCEPTION mold??!?), no reviews there either.


Short tandems
I don’t think you really want to scrimp on length in a tandem. If you are thinking of paddling it with a spouse, it could lead to divorce. If you are thinking of putting a little kid in the front, and the kid isn’t going to be doing any paddling, it might be fine for puttering around calm ponds in warm weather.

Response to Swifty II query
I, too, am interested in the Swifty II Perception tandem kayak. I found one at Dick’s but also have not been able to find ANY information about this kayak. I have a Perception Sundance (single person) kayak that I love. The Swifty II seems to be the ideal tandem. Why is there NO information available? It is not even available on the Dick’s web site.

Swifty II
I grabbed one a couple years ago. I had a friend so I got it so we could enjoy the water together. I enjoy it because it’s light enough for me to carry, it maneuvers and paddles quite well solo too.