Anyone tried Alpacka?

I have been reading about Alpacka pack rafts lately. Has anyone tried one of these small inflatables? What kind of trips have you used it for? Likes? Dislikes? Any help would be appreciated!

Alpacka Experience
In summary… it is a great 4 lb raft that is equivalent to a WW river running kayak!

I canoe, sea kayak, and whitewater kayak. For me, paddling the Alpacka Yukon is most similar to paddling my Pyranha H3 River Runner. I have paddled it in large lakes with white caps and it is very similar to paddling through a wave train on a river. I use a 4-piece 220 cm kayak paddle in the raft versus a one-piece 200 cm in the WW boat. I place my pack in a large WxTex dry bag and lash it across the bow. I use an InsulMat for the floor board to provide extra insulation plus provide an additional independent floatation chamber.

I most recently took it on multi-week horse pack fishing trip to the Bob Marshall Wilderness area in Montana. I could completely cover most high mountain lakes in about an hour and find the best spots to catch large numbers of cutthroat trout. Most of my other fishing buddies could only get to a few spots around the lakes to fish because of the thick brush. Those that had float tubes could only move fast enough to cover a fraction of the lake area I did in the Alpacka. I sometimes invert it and use it as a bed in marshy areas as well as stand it on end and use it as the pole/door to erect my tarp in stormy weather.

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