Anyone use a Fox Worx Excel

-- Last Updated: Mar-13-08 8:52 PM EST --

I love my Fox Worx Guide bent shaft paddle. It is light, tough, feels great in the hand, and by golly, its pretty.

I'm ready for a new straight shaft paddle. Having found the several beaver tails I've had to be not quite what I need, I'm looking for a straight shaft with a bigger blade, but that will still do in-water recoveries and control strokes well too. I want something under 150.00 so that I can keep the lethal impulses under control when I or one of my equally ungraceful and distracted paddling podnahs steps on it.

Any thoughts on the Excel or other paddles to look at are appreciated.

I just ordered two…
I can let you know a week. I like their paddles.

oops, sorry
I thought this was about software.


Ditto Andy…
I thought firefox and excel had a love child!

Meager feedback…
I have meager feedback to offer, although I do own an Excel which I purchased late last year.

I believe it to be well made. It is pleasant(nice finish/nice wood) to look at, and it is a light weight paddle compared to some others I use on a regular basis. The paddle blade slices through the water nicely when using an underwater recovery.

I ordered mine with an oversized t-grip, so that I might personally shape it to my comfort(I have big hands). Unfortunately, I laid it aside after using it twice.I have not completed shaping the t-grip; will do so this Spring. I don’t remember if the lexan tip was an “add on” or not, but I would suggest if you purchase an Excel you get the lexan tip. I think it will pay for itself in time; the Excel blade is fairly thin.

NOT a paddle I’d use for rock bashing…for varied reasons…including initial cost of paddle, and the blade thickness. I always carry what I call a “beater” paddle for low water/rock bashing.