Anyone use a Polynesian-style canoe?

I’ve been thinking about replacing my canoe with either a different canoe or a kayak for fishing ocean bays. It just occurred to me that I can have the advantages of the canoe without the unseaworthiness by using a Polynesian-style with an outrigger/ama. If these were used on the open Pacific, they could work for me in calmer waters. Does anyone have any experience with these?

You mean an outrigger canoe?

Pick one

To be more specific, I’d probably not want a “traditional” Polynesian canoe. Instead, I’d want a regular solo canoe with an outrigger on it. I could then store stuff on a net between the canoe and outrigger. The big problem is that I’d still have an open hull that could fill with water.


Something like this?

clydehedlund has a lot of experience with outriggers, but he’s been missing since the switch from pnet to pcom.

I’ve been thinking of one of these…


Very cool boat. Several are entered in the 2017 WaterTribe Everglades Challenge. And then there was Roger Mann and his Hobie AI in the 2015 Race To Alaska. Stuff legends are made of.

I paddled one in Hawaii