Anyone use CasteCraft KS-1 Saddles?

I collect kayak rack saddle sets it seems, as my boats never seem to fit the saddles and end up only have a quarter inch of contact on each side. I then constantly watch the boats move around even with bow/stern lines.

However, just spotted the Castlecraft KS-1 saddles here:

Has anyone used them, and if so, can you give me a quick assessment of how good they are? I use Yakima bars though it seems they work on just about anything. I am most curious how much boat contact you get, how durable, do they mar your boats, etc.

If theyse are as good as they say they are, I will be posting multiple Malones/Yakima/etc saddles on the classified ads!


Those are the best we’ve tried
We use those cradles when we rooftop on the Tahoe. They’re actually made by Spring Creek and sold by Castle Craft. The cradles are flexible and conform to the hull shape while supporting them partly up the sides. The rubber is just that–RUBBER, not plastic. The hardware is sturdy and simple, and they supposedly work with round bars, square bars, or rectangular bars (but not as large as 2x4’s). We use round bars with them.

We’re using Winde foam blocks on the trailer and they’re good (plus easy to take off and lock in the vehicle while we’re on the water). But the Spring Creek cradles are the best. Since we rarely rooftop, I may move the Spring Creek cradles to the trailer…am dithering because they would be easy to steal from a trailer and I don’t want to have to unbolt them every time we launch and then reinstall when we return. They do come with quick-attachment hardware, but nothing is as fast as slipping on some foam blocks.

I second the favorable review
We have used them for about two years with both wide plastic and narrow composite boats. They are easy to move for the different sized boats. You can set them so they wrap as much or as little around the hull as you like. Once the boats are strapped down, the rubber grips them nicely. We regularly drag the boats across them. They do not mar the gelcoat. If you get longer bolts from a hardware store, you can even mount them on a rack made from 2x4s.

The only problem we have is that flycatchers like to sit on them. That results in lots of bird poop but they show no signs of wear.

Thanks, ladies!! I liked the look of these and was drawn to what seemed like a flexible material and easy strap tiedown. My current saddles will land in the classifieds now…


A slight pause…

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..will wait to list my other until CastleCraft answers their phone to take my order!!! LOL