Anyone use electric socks?

I have chronically cold feet so I asked for and got some electric socks for Christmas.
I just read all the disclaimers and in every paragraph it states that loss of life and property are not covered if they are misused.
Maybe my feet aren’t that cold.
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Please try to avoid tripping over the sock’s cord. :blush: I do recall those things.

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My wife gave me a bathtub toaster oven. Comes with a built in umbrella holder.


Not socks, but I use electric gloves when skiing and snowboarding, and also electric insoles in my boots on colder days. All of this electric stuff uses batteries that put out 3.7, 5 or 7.4 volts DC so you’re probably safe from any dangerous electrocution if a wire breaks. I suppose a battery could fail and overheat, but the same could happen to that phone in your pocket. I wouldn’t worry about those disclaimers and enjoy the socks.

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Thanks. I intend to when it gets cold enough.

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I have them love them. My feet are also very sensitive to the cold and I couldn’t winter kayak without them. Mine bluetooth to my phone so I can turn them up/down/off while they’re buried in my drysuit.

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Not so much a problem in clean fresh water, but immersion in salt water, if not designed for that, could damage electronic components like thermostats or possibly the battery.

Mine will never leave my house.


I was just looking at electric socks but they only came in one size. I wear a size 8 I don’t want to wear a size 15 sock!
Plus the electricity thing on the water.
I use HotHands feet warmers. I put a pair of heavy nylon knee highs then warmer stuck to nylon stocking then wool socks. Dry suit and boots make one toasty!

I realized yesterday that I need those chemical hand warmers. My hands got wet paddling and using the camera to the point I could not feel them. When I came ashore, I ran to the bathroom for warm water and the attendant man had to take the euro out of my pants pocket.

Small hand warmers are great. Add them with quality silk liner and wool socks and enjoy warm feet. Make sure your shoes are large enough to NOT restrict blood flow.

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Hi, my wife suffers from the same thing, but more when skiing than kayaking. And she has been very happy with the electric socks from Hotronic–for skiing, she has not yet tried them in the kayak. As MarkRak reported, there is phone app to control them remotely, they are battery powered and work well. One note is that they only apply heat around the toes, which is typically the problem zone.

She also has heated insoles, which she uses for cycling in cold temps, and which were too thick to fit into the ski boots. They have also worked well, but we have only tried them a few times so far. Utah winter can be a little challenging for cycling (-:

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My best article for cycling in cold weather are faux leather joggers because they don’t let the wind through. I need to get silk sock liners because I think they reduce friction? I have learned to size up 1/2 size for cold weather footwear and I haven’t bought any new cycling shoes.

Per @Mohaveflyer the key for me is to wear shoes that are one size too big. Otherwise the air gets squeezed out of the thicker sock layer and they end up making things worse by squeezing off your circulation.

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Ha, ha! Seriously, though, if your socks have lithium-ion batteries then there is a spontaneous-combustion risk just like the risk that has caused many apartment and condo buildings in NYC to ban e-bike storage on their premises. The danger comes not so much from when you wear them, since you will notice right away if anything happens, but from when they are put away somewhere where they could start a fire while you are asleep or someplace else.

You want your socks to be from a reputable manufacturer with a good safety record. If they are cheap and cheaply made, you might want to think about storing them outside in a metal shed or something!

Can’t be any worse than a heating pad.

I am a wet entrance and exit guy, so I don’t think they would be compatible. Neoprene dive booties as sock work for me.