anyone use stick on kayak seat pads?

Wondering if the stick on kayak seat pads are comfy and stay stuck? I have a ot voyager with a hard plastic seat and would like to find a stick on pad that fits well. Any suggestions would be appreciated. thanks Sean

There was one on my first whitewater boat when I bought it used, it stayed stuck and was better than hard plastic. I think it was a Padz brand.

I prefer unpadded seats from the factory and prefer to use Wenonah Canoes peal-and-stick tractor seat pads. They stay stuck and they take away very little in the way of sensitivity or ‘feel’ for what the hull is doing under me. They are maybe 1/4" thick mini cell foam, and all the padding I require. I’ve used Padz seat pads with equal success, but they are a bit smaller pad, and I prefer the size of the Wenonah pads.

Been usin the same
piece of closed cell foam for yrs. halfinch thick,

take it with me when I go , stuck on seat stuff causes too many problems


I have had the same Padz in my Caribou for 8 years with no problems. I have a Hot Seat in my SOT.