Anyone use the IR " Reggie" backband

Just had one put in my P+H and i think i like it. Very different from what i’m use to. Kinda feels like i’m in a theater seat or something.I only have had the opportunity to use it for an hour or two. Would like to hear from anyone using Immersion Research’s backband in their sea kayaks. Pro’s and cons.

Have one in my QCC700X
It is very much like the back bands in my WW boats, which means it snugs up tight to your back. But I have found that that interferes with rotation so I have loosened it as much as I can to get it out of the way. Unfortunately that is not really possible, so when I get around to it I am going to take it out and go with nothing.

Lounge band
I installed the IR Lounge back band earlier this summer. After paddling about 6 times since, I have to say it is really comfortable and seems built like it will hold up after many miles on the water. I went from having an adjustable seat back to the band and appreciate the additional mobility (I can lay my back on the back deck) and it doesn’t get caught up when entering the kayak like the seat back did.

i like the flex also when doing a roll,
I need to replace a ratchet as one won’t hold and while doing the scramble the pressure from top of the band pushed the ratchet all the way in, so one side tightens all the way up and it leaves you with a little seat pan space, thus making a drop your butt in the seat thing hard to do. New part is on it’s way, then i will be able to better judge some of the different rescues. The factory installed P+H backband didn’t work for me at all, it crunched down with every rescue re-entry. UGH!

So far rotation seems as good as before.

I had it in my Romany and liked it, so I put one my Explorer and did a couple of long trips with it. I keep it pretty low on my back, because otherwise it’s too stiff and wraps so tightly that it limits rotation. It’s super comfy. I’m glad I bought it.

I had it in my Romany and liked it, so I put one my Explorer and did a couple of long trips with it. I keep it pretty low on my back, because otherwise it’s too stiff and wraps so tightly that it limits rotation. It’s super comfy. I’m glad I bought it.

I put one in my first build several years ago- a low deck Night Heron - and I’ve loved it. I keep mine low, too.

It’s a good butt band for a wide variety of applications.

It works great, IF…
…you simply ignore the ratchet straps and attach it with the webbing straps (I actually ordered two from IR without the ratchet straps). I add a padeye at the top center that allows me to connect it to the loop on the back of the coamings on my boats.

Reggie backband
which comes standard in my Warren Little Wing is comfortable and allows good rotation. I keep mine low, and I have had no problems with the ratchet mechanism.

The Reggie is the most comforable backband that I have used. I also have a more expensive IR Lounge backband. The Lounge band looks like it would be more comfortable as it is sort of like tufted upholstery, but I have found the material to be too abrasive on my back when using a lot of torso rotation.

Thanks…if i run into any issues
i will try this…glad people like them.

My lounge band has a neoprene cover. I think they changed the materials at some point.

not to happy after long paddles and
chop. Spent many hrs. with this on the Maine coast in some pretty rough conditions,this past weekend (it was awesome though) . I found looser and lower on the back (more like low hip area) was much better. Did this for day 2 , Big improvement. but i agree, it needs to be down quite low. Re-entry was tricky, it moved into my seat pan, easy to pop back up, but it forced me quite far forward in the cockpit and i felt as though i was up quite high until i could pop it back up. UGH! Sounds like i may be experimenting with some foam blocks instead. The “Reggie” that i bought was an older discontinued version, it round up in the very center, like an arch…anyone gone from an older one to the newer style and have an opinion?

The Reggie came stock in my Impex Force Cat 3 - over 10 years ago. I always felt it stayed too low and, after hours of paddling, tended to hurt my lower back / tailbone. Last week it became downright painful in high winds requiring lots of adjustment. So I think I’ll get a ‘lounge’ band. Any opinions on the lounge beyond what’s posted?

I expect that it is a personal thing. I replaced the stock Pygmy back support in my Arctic Tern 17 with an IR Lounge band but after a couple of years I found that it was too tall & replaced it with the Reggie. That’s been good for a number of years. When I bought a used NDK Explorer LV last fall I put the Reggie in it (the kayak came from its previous owner with a foam block for back support). I put the IR Lounge back in the Pygmy & sent it to my daughter.

An old thread, but I’ll play: my CD Prana came with the IR Reggie installed. Love the back band and the ability to make adjustments on the fly.

Liked it so much I had planned to install one in my Eddyline Fathom LV before deciding to list the boat for sale as I don’t need two long boats.

I’ve had the Reggie band on my Impex for several years. Its small size has always gotten to be a problem during a long paddle in rough water, but never that bad…until I faced a tough 3 mile crossing with a combination of incoming tide and 10-15 knot wind forcing me to paddle hard with sweep strokes to keep on track. Little by little my lower back started killing me and I had to adjust my route. I’m changing to a Lounge band.

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I had precisely the same issue with the same boat. I replaced it with the larger, higher lounge version. It’s ok but tends to either ride too high or go too low. I need to figure out how to stabilize it in the precise position I want. Thoughts?