Anyone use these tie-down loops?

The advantage over the screw-down loops is that you can move them around to different spots on the hood, trunk or doors. The disadvantages are a 2X price, and perhaps difficulty for one person to position two loops at the same time on opposite sides of the vehicle.

Thule makes a similar product that costs even more.

I use them …
I use them on my 2010 Subaru Forester. My older Forester had tow hooks on the back but the 2010 does not. The only place I found for my rear tie downs was the exhaust hanger (not a good idea.)

I discovered these on another P-Net thread. I have used them to travel from Central Iowa to the Ozarks and back (almost 1,000 miles each trip) at least twice with no problems. Have used them for both one and two boats at a time. So far they are the answer to my rear tie down problems.

Make Your own.
You can make your own with about 1 foot of 1 inch webbing and a grommet tool. If You have never owned a grommet tool they are about 10 bucks. Then you can creat a lot of things.

used them and loved them
Logged thousands of miles with both types. Prefer the grommet so i don,t misplace when not in use as they stay attached and are always there. But the webbing will dry out over time even under the hood so the removable hose type have an advantage there in that when not in use you can clean and store in glove box. Also use on different vehicles when shuttling.

Very cool product. Safe and meets a need

I use them on my 2011 Suby Outback
I ha always installed DIY loops, bolted into a couple of the handy holes Subaru had placed under the hood along the fender seam.

But the 2011 has trip covering all of the holes, so I went with the loop/hose anchors. Very secure, and I also bought a pair for the rear hatch.

You could DIY them using PVC poie, but I have grown lazy.


Back to Glenn’s question,
is it hard to position them both on opposite sides? I’ve wondered.

They’re a wonderful expedient for
cars like my son’s Ford Focus, which lacks tie loops underneath.

On our Accords, I would prefer to screw on some tie loops to bolts at the hood and trunk margin. Having tie downs that come loose as soon as I check the oil or open the trunk (which I often do when meaning to open the gas flap) is going to be a pain. But a pain is better than no tie points at all.

Sissy, if I understand your question
the answer is “no”.

I just lay the hose portion inside the hood on top of the front shock mount with the loop draped over the fender and close the hood. A tug sets the hose snug and I tie off as normal.

One little quirk: It is possible for the soft webbing to vibrate in the wind, making a noise similar to a blade of grass in your cupped hands. A turn or tie-down line or a rubber band arounf the web loop cures this.


Anyone use these loops
If you are near an Academy Sports go there and pick up some Yakima models. They are 40% less and no annoting plastic tubes to take out and pollute the enviornment with. They come with hood screw eyelets so just loosen 2 screws on fender and you are set to go in 5 mins.

I use them
and they work great for me.