Anyone use thigh straps on Tarpon 140?

I see a few comments about how well they handle rough water but they do not come with thigh strap attachment loops. No need?

I had my T160 out in some stuff that I could not have stayed in the boat without the thigh straps.

I have a OK Scupper Pro TW
and I use my thigh straps on anything but flat water. I really only use it on Lake Erie in the heat of summer, but with the straps, I have a whole lot more control as far as leaning or edging in any kind of chop. I very seldom see others in SOT’s in this region with the thigh straps and I always assume that they just don’t understand what they’re missing…

I agree . Thigh straps give you SINK
control in a SOT.

They Work
I use them on moving water and in rough conditions on my OK Trident. They make a big difference in boat control, ferrying etc. If you decide to get them be sure to get the contoured padded style where the left and right strap are not interchangeable. The cheaper narrow straight straps are less comfortable and always seem to be in the wrong position when you need them most.

Already had the contoured ones for
my Revenge. They are now mounted on the Tarpon.

hated narrow velcro straps in t-bolt
Many west side boats had the narrow straps and they hurt big time. I much prefer small out of way thigh braces. And then you are hassled at boat launch about "drowning because you are strapped in.

Easy to add to any SOT
Just use a rivet tool or a star nut tool and a drill if you cannot reach where you want from the hatches.

I would like to get some advice on SOT’s
Yea, I have some really good yaks… I have a couple Valley glass boats as well as a couple plastic boats( all sit in side) as well as my Scupper Pro…The Scupper is one of the narrower SOT’s out there, but it’s 9 years old and I let my kid beat the hell out of it along the Lake Erie shoreline. It still has alot of life to it but ever since I saw a Kaskazi Dorado at a local boat launch, I’ve had a hard on for a flared bow glass SOT somewhat like my Scupper pro. I’ve watched craig’s list like a hawk with an extended search for what I think I’m looking for, but I’ve had no luck. I have checked out the RTM Disco( not flared bow, but very sleek design) but the closest distributor was(they were going out of business at the end of the local paddling season and would’nt ship it to me) in upstate New York along the St. Laurence River about 7 hours from me. It was definitely a very good buy at $650 brand new and I should have went for a ride but I didn’t…any ideas about what might fit my requirements with the flared bow, 25 inch width or less Sot? Except for Wildys, there isn’t much in my area as far as Sot’s out there. About a year ago, there was a Kaskazi in the classifieds here from Florida but it seemed to go quickly… Thanks in advance…Rick

I’ve also had a hard-on for a Rapidfire ever since I paddled one at Raystown a bunch of years ago…I have a slew of nice canoes too, but I’m ALWAYS looking at the classifieds for a Rapidfire for a fair price, How could you have let that boat go…