Anyone used a Foxworx K3 kayak

paddle in the 260cm or 270cm length for solo canoeing?

I talked to the folks at Foxworx about them last year and they said a 270cm long K3 would weigh in at about 40oz. They also said it is their most popular double blade for canoers.

I’ve been waiting to find a used 260cm carbon Werner Camano at a tolerable price, but haven’t found one yet. I would expect one of these to weigh in at about 34oz, but I haven’t verified that with Werner.

good luck
finding a 260 camano, Im geussing anyone who has one special ordered it and isnt about to give it up.

For such a reasonable price, looks
worth a try. And I could add cloth in selected areas for strengthening without adding much weight.

I just sold a 220cm …
K3. I used it once in the pool last winter and didn’t much like the feel of it. It was pretty light and the price is right for a long paddle, so it may suit your needs. It has a foam blade covered in a light fiberglass cloth with hardwood edges and a basswood shaft, so it is fairly light for a wooden paddle.

Bev and Dale
…Built me one about 2 seasons back. I like it. It is a nice change when I have a headwind.

I think they’d reinforce the paddle to
meet your preferences if you request it at the time of the order, since they do special orders. It would just add a little cost and a little weight to the paddle.

Paddle feel is very personal.
So far, I haven’t warmed up to the feel of the used 218cm Onno Full Tour that I bought last year, but my wife and Cooldoctor1 like it a lot.

I’ve only tried one wooden paddle in my Summersong and I didn’t like the way it felt. It was a 250cm Sawyer model that has been discontinued. I preferred the feel of my 240cm Bending Brances Whisper and 240cm Werner Carbon Camano much better than that wooden Sawyer, but they’re shorter than I’d prefer. I’m thinking that 260cm to 270cm would be better.