Anyone used a Jetboil?

Has anyone here tried one of the new Jetboil backpacking stoves? It looks like a good option for when you want a hot drink during a lunch stop.

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I saw the review for it in Backpacker magazine I think it was..and they said it worked like a charm for quickly heating up the water. But it does have a proprietary cup or something I think..that it will only heat water up in it's sorta useless for cooking and pretty much only for making hot water, or hot drinks (or making hot water to pour in dehydrated food). I think I prefer an admittedly less efficient cyclinder, burner type stove that I can cook on too...but if you have to have your coffee or tea multiple times a day it looks like a good rig.. :)

Edit..just visited the Jetboil web-site:

And they say you can cook in it I guess you could pour your contents in there and cook..but what about things like frying or breads or omelets or stuff? I dunno..I'd have to see a demonstration maybe to get sold...

And I wasn't sure if you have to use a Jetboil brand fuel cannister or if you can use MSR or Coleman fuel cannisters...that would be a plus..


I don’t own it…
but I got a chance to test it out last spring before it was on the market. It works just like they say full quart of boiling water in 90 seconds, 90 SECONDS!!!

They had it running on a standard Gigapower canister, so I’m sure Primus and MSR canisters are good to go.

It’s like av8r says though, just a boiler/simmerer, it only uses it own pot/cup, but it’s designed for the Thru-hiker in mind (all freeze-dried food).