Anyone used Dow "Great Stuff" to re-seal

Just purchased my Poly Pyranha Pilot last year- love paddling it, but my front bulkhead still leaks even after having the dealer re-seal it last fall. I filled my cockpit with water and found that there are 4 little holes (streaming water) in the silicone they used to reseal it. My husband suggests I use Dow “Great Stuff” as it seems to stick to everything, fill cracks, cures in 8 hours and is supposed to create a permanent, flexible bond. But, will it bond with the silicone? Any experience out there or ideas?


Silicone residue will prevent ANYTHING else from sticking. If you want to use something else you’ll have to remove all the silicone and clean the area thoroughly. My favorite sealant for plastic boats is Lexel by Sashco. Like all other sealants, it adheres poorly to plastic, but it is so stretchy when cured that the flexing of the parts is less likely to pull it off.


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That stuff is awful. It will harden and get brittle and crumbly quickly and just be a big mess in the end. I don't think it would stick to poly boats or silicone.

What awdiwo said. You want something that’ll remain flexible. great stuff isnt going to work well.

the last two people were right
but I also have it in my boat. I don’t care how something looks in my toy kayak so I will experiment. I have not had it in the OT Rush for about two monthes. It is just fine for my uses. I have it spread nicely around the foam blocks to ensure thier total seal fore and aft. I then used the remainder of the can to experiment. I built a big ugly pile in the bow. it is staying just fine. I then built an ugly pile in the stern and used it to adhere a strofoam block. it is also staying as of thus far.

Go to the hardware store and buy some silcone two sealant. That is what my buddy found to be the best. we loved it on our construction crew…then we used it all over his money pit house. It even sticks and cures underwater. just apply it liberally and make sure you are OUTSIDE. that stuff will send you all loopy.

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