Anyone used watershed dry bags? Feedback

Was thinking of smaller ones. Good for 300 feet below! LOL

I use a Chattooga and like it. I carabiner it to two D-rings on the bottom of my canoe.

Teach all your friends how to open it or disallow anyone to touch it. I believe you can hurt the closure if opening it the wrong way, but I’m not sure.

They are very effective as dry bags go. Much better than roll top dry bags if you anticipate total immersion.

I’ve had an Ocoee since 2007 that’s had a ton of use and it’s still going strong.
I used to use mine as a “lap bag” when I guided, to keep things I needed in the cockpit with me, paddling big west coast style boats that had no day hatches. Worked great as a pillow as well, at night in the tent, just put a shirt over it to soften up the material. I use it now for my sleeping gear if kayak camping.
It’s only downside is that it’s a bit difficult for shoving in, and extricating from, day hatch size openings, especially when seated and reaching back to the day hatch, because of all the buckles and straps can get caught. Otherwise a great bag.
Wide opening so it’s easy to rummage through, opens and closes very quickly. The material is extremely durable and the design is great. I think it’s the only thing short of a quality hard case I’d trust high end electronics in.
I’m kind of waiting for the day when I start seeing them used as purses or man bags by city folks.

Thanks for info all.

I have the deck bag. Very high quality.

Was thinking of deck bag also.