Anyone using a shortened S.U.P paddle?

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i just bought my first decked canoe, a poke boat pheonix vagabond (kevlar) for conoe camping southwest florida...and then i saw the prices of carbon angled canoe paddles $200-$300...woha!.....then i noticed stand up surfboard paddles are less than half this price and have similar 12 degree angles and similar paddle shape/size....also carbon...and also many SUP paddlers break their shafts and must buy new ones,, their "broken" paddles can be cut down to 48-50" length for canoe purposes. Anyone else think of this?


Why a carbon fiber canoe paddle? I don’t see the point. CF is used on kayak paddles and maybe SUP paddle because of the length of those paddles, canoe paddles are short. There isn’t a real reason for using carbon fiber for them. A decent wood bent shaft canoe paddle will be less than half that price.

Bill H.

Why carbon for canoe paddles?
If you have to ask., you’ve never tried one.

Light weight - about half weight of wood. Stiff. Low maintenance.

Carbon SUP paddle 1/2 price of canoe
carbon paddle? I haven’t seen a full carbon SUP paddle that costs anywhere near half price of a full carbon canoe paddle.

I have seen “carbon” SUP paddles that list carbon as one of the materials that are $75 to $200, but they aren’t full carbon and weigh at least 2x as much as a full carbon SUP paddle.

Be careful when reading the advertisements.

Several thousand USCA marathon racers use carbon paddles. There must be reasons: among which are minimal weight to improve cadence and minimize effort, stiffness for more direct force transfer, durability.

Thanks great points everybody.
So theres no free lunch!:slight_smile: i will read the fine print. I don’t plan on doing the Everglades Challenge but i plan on some fatigue inducing lengthy paddles down there, so my theory for carbon is its lightweight and should improve my endurance. Since i’m a beginner i will start with a wood paddle then ‘upgrade’ to carbon later when i know what size works with me and my boat.

I’m still going to keep my eye out for broken shaft carbon S.U.P paddle, i love to tinker and i’m handy with epoxy:)


Remain vigilant for used carbon canoe

I was patient and found all of my Zaveral and Wenonah carbon paddles for about 1/2 price on either craigslist, classifieds, ebay or

I have a Phoenix Vagabond and the trick to solo paddling it is to find the trim that gets the boat to handle best for your desires. I ended up with the seat between the middle and rear positions.


SUP NOT cheap
SUP paddles are basically longer versions of outrigger canoe paddles. They are NOT cheap. A quality carbon (as mentioned, you don’t want any other material) paddle will be between $350 and $450 new.

What about Tensile Strength?

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Broken shafts indicate the problem exists. Stay away period. Sure, you can reinforce with various inserts, but the weight increases. Best to look around for a used ZRE or QB carbon canoe paddles. And if by chance, you ever meet someone willing to let go of their Black Bart Carbon paddle, buy it.