Anyone with a Kruger Cruiser?

Hi everyone!

I was looking at the Kruger Cruiser and was wondering if there is anyone in the northwest (Montana, Idaho, Washington, Oregon, Northern Ca, Utah, B.C., Alberta) that owns one that we could try. I don’t want to drive back to MI just to test one.

I have read some on these canoes and they seem to be what we are looking for. We currently have a Wenonah Itasca and love it, but want something more durable for some rivers and that catches less wind on big lakes and coastal trips.

I realize there aren’t many of these out there so I know we will have to drive a ways to see one.

Also any feedback from owners would be great!



k crusier
unfort…i only have a sea wind in montana. email mark at Kruger and see whos got the closest one to you. I will get you may friend stans email, he has one and may answer some questions with photos for you, so drop him a line.

They are great boats and very seaworthy. They use them in the ocean race around florida every years. Holds a ton of gear. Contact some of the guys in the MR340 race in Missouri…they paddle the cruiser and also the Water Tribe race in floorida…do an internet search for both of those website and contact to participants who paddled the cruiser.


Kruger canoe
Will have one in Spokane, Wa. sometime in Sept. 10+ months wait for a new one. I have 2 solo Kruger’s best I have paddled in 35+ years. These boats are magic trippers, fast,stable,seaworthy,comfortable. A rudder on a canoe is very functional. You will not regret owning a Kruger, costly and worth it.