Anyone with experience Maelstrom Vaag

My son is looking for a used kayak. He is 6’0, 170 and more of a beginner paddler. There was a Vaag that came up for sale recently second hand. He would use it in rivers and lakes with eventual use in bays once he has some experience. He most likely would not be able to trial the kayak. Wondering if we should wait until spring and get him in the water with some kayaks or go check it out.

Tried to do some research and know it is not a widely known Kayak, so wanted to reach out to get some additional insight.

I’ve never paddled one but from just looking at pictures, holy rocker Batman! My guess is that that boat will turn on a dime but it might take some skill to go straight.

It does not at all appear to be a beginner boat. But… this isn’t a bad a problem as you might think. You outgrow beginner boats quickly and then you have to sell them.

Personally, I’d wait. And that decision has nothing at all do with with the Vaag, it just that boats are so personal. When you find your boat you just know it. And frankly, I have no idea if a beginner would know it.

I paddled for 10 years with a gift boat that actually suited me well. As I aged, I could no longer paddle that boat. I reluctantly sold it and bought a new boat. I outgrew that boat, what seemed, almost instantly. Later on, I found my boat, and she’s keeper.

Find a good local kayaking shop and test drive a half a dozen boats, that will be time well spent. I have 2 good such shops 2-3 hours drive, and yes, that’s worth it.

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Thank you. That is helpful information!