anyone with experience on waterquest 14

Looking for anyone who could give a review or opinion from personal experience on a waterquest 14 canoe? We are looking at purchaseing one for general use as in lake, lazy rivers and possibly up to class III at times.

Thanks for any input.

Suggest something longer and
narrower. It is hard to develop paddling technique in such a short, wide boat. Forget about class 3 and expect some difficulty getting this boat to behave in technical class 2. It’s an easy water boat. Nothing wrong with that.


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Here are some good reviews on it. It also goes by the name Rogue River or Leasure Life.
Search the reviews for those and they will give you a good idea what the boat is about. I think my review from a while back may be in one of these links.
Additionally, My wife and I have other boats so our Rogue River doesnt get used like it used to but we had it out last week for the first time in over a year. It needed some cleaning but is still as bulletproof as it was over 9 years ago when we got it. It was our first boat together. It has sentemental value so even though it doesnt get used alot, it will be with us for awhile.
The only things that have ever needed attention on it: I had to replace the carry ropes a couple years ago and this last time out I noticed that the rubber seal for the dry compartment has rotted to pieces. Not bad for a 9+ year old boat that I store wherever I drop it.