anyone with homemade J brackets?

Is there anyone who has made their own J brackets to attach to a trailer? I’ve considered the Thule Hull-a-ports, but I dont think they would fit my trailer. I can make my own, but would like some input from you guys first. A list of materials, dimensions, etc. would be greatly appreciated.
I haven’t but it can’t be hard, Whether it’s imitating the Malones using heat bendable plastic or laminating 1/8" ply onto a form. These folks at the above link have made such things.

Thanks for the link
I appreciate your help.

homemade J Cradles

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Ross Leidy makes some beautiful ones from wood and glass:

Just yesterday I saw a webpage describing a set made from carbon cloth laid up directly on the kayak. But I didn't save the site and have been unable to find it.

It looked pretty simple. He first placed two strips of 1/4" blue foam over the spots, masked everything off and taped saran wrap over the foam. Then he laid the carbon fiber (4-6" tape)on top of that, I think 5-6 layers. He fabricated a bottom bracket so the cradles could be bolted to his rack. It looked very nice and he even reused the foam by glueing it to the finished cradles.

FOund IT!

scroll down to J Cradles.

I made some out of 2x4’s and 2"webbing. They work great. I’m not at home now, but if you want me to I’ll give you the link to the pictures Monday.

2 x 4 J Racks
Yea, I’d love the link. Any information will be great.

Carbon fiber tape
Where can I find carbon fiber tape and the other materials used to make the J brackets? Would it be more expensive than buying the Malone brackets at about $100?

Do you think they could be made from steel? I had thought about having the local vocational school metal shop make some for me. Since they are going to mount on a trailer the weight is not a big problem.

me too…
I’d like to see them as well!

I saw a trailer with glass doubles where they were suspended by webbing straps in both directions, did a double take but it kind of made sense as the total support was over a larger area than resting on a few square inches of the sheer when transported on edge.

J Racks
Actually I call them C racks cuz they look more like a C! Here’s the link

See the pictures listed as “Sirocco on Trailer”. Also “C Rack” I’ve made some changes to the way the webbing is attached. I cut some slots in the end of the 2x4, mayabe 1/4" from edge (not sure, I eye-balled it). Then I inserted the webbing in the slot, along with some gorilla glue, and then used screws to clamp the slot together.

2 x 4 J Racks
Great idea and great pictures! This is just the kind of information I need. These look super easy and very functional. Thanks for the help.

Do you have any problem with your boat slipping, shifting or rocking while the trailer is in motion or do the straps hold it firm?

carbon tape and resin

I think several layers of F/G and carbon tape would be as strong and lighter weight that steel.

They move a little, but it doesn’t hurt anything. Maybe 1/2" with the straps tight.

Do you mean suspended …
from side to side and front to back?