Anyone with Mohawk Paddle Question.

On their website, they sell a paddle extension in 12 and 24 inch length. What I’d like to know is if that same extension will fit a “Chute” paddle by “Quest”. I have currently made an extension but would rather have the real thing supposing one can be found. Does anyone have a mohawk paddle, and know the answer?

If you have one, and a caliper to measure your current paddle inside/outside diam of both sections where they join that would be fantastic.

Calling them on the phone wasn’t very fruitful. The answer from them was, “Well, it probably just fits our paddles”.

Thank you much in advance.

not recommended
The Quest Chute paddles are notoriously flimsy and break and bend easily enough just assembled with their own components. Trying to make one longer with a center extender is just going to risk it crumpling more easily and leaving you up the proverbial creek.

If the paddle is too short for you, don’t throw good money after bad. Just sell it as is on Craigslist to someone else and take the money (and the $10 or $15 you would have spent to get the extension) and buy a good quality paddle that is the right length. Unless you get a good deal on a more costly used or close-out model, expect to spend at least $80 to $120 for a good paddle that won’t break on you.

Mohawk paddles
I have several Mohawk paddles among my odd assortment. Hey, we’re not talking about the “World of High Finances.” Just order the size you need from Mohawk. They have made take-apart paddles to length for me and they’re a good bang for the buck. They made me some double blade paddles 9’ long with wide blades I use with my 17’ & 18’ canoes. They are my workhorse paddles when I’m not using my custom made wood paddles. They also made for me paddles that break-down to 30" pieces to get thru airlines bags without paying for OVERSIZE stuff.

Mohawk Paddles
I have a Mohawk paddle that I also had them make for me of non-standard size, extra length double w/ wide blades, love it. It replaced a padle that I paid twice as much for, but just never felt right. Solid quality, good price and great customer service with very fast delivery.

Paddle extension

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Only reason I ended up with the quest paddle was that it was the longer of the two they had at Dicks sporting goods.(210cm vs 220cm)
I was purchasing a Mad River passage 14, and needed a paddle for it. First canoe/kayak and completely new at the whole thing. For the amount they discounted the canoe due to a few scratches, I ended up getting the paddle free. They had a $49.99 price on it, marked down from $69.99.
I was trying to figure out a way to actually see what length would be correct, without guessing, and buying paddles just to find out. Hence the question concerning the extension.
I bought the boat on the 10th of last month, and have since had it out twice. Working 6 days a week stinks. Once, on a little 15 acre lake, and the second time on a larger lake.
No current, whitewater, or double-diamond clothing- optional downhill ski runs. No multiple day trips either. Total time in the boat is embarrassing. (about three to four hours) And even on the larger lake, as far as I was away, I could still see my car! Sad, I know. It is a somewhat ragged fat crescent shaped lake, and I didn't even get "around the bend". I liked it very much, but just don't have much time until work slows down a bit. I did have it teathered, and another basic wooden paddle in the boat just in case the chute paddle completely disintegrated I wasn't left on the lake without one.