Anything Better than Contact Cement?

As soon as the weather warms, I hope to install a minicell saddle and vinyl D rings in a Royalex canoe. I was going to use regular ol’ contact cement from Lowes, but am noticing that there are a few specialty glues available for my intended use. Are these really better? What’s everyone else using for installing outfitting in a canoe?

Contact cement is OK for the saddle
Weldwood with the red label - the minicell will soak up a couple of coats. I use vyna bond for the d-rings.

Plain old Weldwood contact cement
is my stand by.

I have tried various types, but keep going back to it.

Just used some again the other day.



Just for the record
There are many types of “contact cement”. Marine Goop, for example, is a contact cement. Who knows what generic contact cement is.

Jury is out on Contact Cement
After the Ravens finished puttin’ the wuppin on the Pats, I reglued the foam saddle in the Encore. On advice from this forum, I used Weldwood Contact Cement. So, I hope this advice is correct. Like I say, the jury is out. It doesn’t look like much, hard to see how that is going to hold. I have some cross pieces clamped across the gunwales on top of the saddle, to put down pressure on the saddle and hold it to the hull. The can says it develops strength over 7 days, so I’ll leave the clamps on for a few days.


Go Ravens!

If you can find it " Barge " contact
cement … Night and day better than the typical Weldwood … Really.

It will hold
I used Weldwood to glue down the pedestal in my Encore - its holding fine. Two coats - let it dry in between coats and before placing it in the boat. I’m sure there are other products you can use as well, but I have no complaints with Weldwood.

Barge cement
Barge cement is used in leather working. It’s available from Tandy and other leather working venders.