Anything new from Eddyline this year?

New models? What about that new seat that was hinted at last year? Details please. Thanks!

a new tandem that is 16’ long with an 8’ cockpit ( I am not sure there are enough on the market to get a solid review yet. Last year they came out with the Journey. It felt like a 15.5’ version of the Equinox to me. A little narrower but a very stable ride.

I think all of Eddyline’s boats had their new seat last year so there are quite a few around to try. The seat is adjustable (forward and aft about 6"). Nice seat if it fits you, less than ideal if it does not. Most folks seem to like it.


A great new Customer Service guy
Denny Lange!

That he is.

hey Bill, we did lower the rear deck and the new Fathom is in production and on the water. A real hit thus far in Florida. Sales have been strong. The new Galaxy Blue color is a hit as well. I have one of the first Shasta’s and I am getting great feedback on it.

The Shasta is a great paddle solo as well as a tandem.

I have taken it into wind and waves alone and with a front paddler and find it handles well. The rudder can be controled from the rear or the middle (when solo). Great for paddling with the dog as the front seat lifts out, or can be turned around. A childs seat can replace the front and boost the kid up enough to paddle. We plan to add a fishing rig and many other extras down the road.

Since we have your attention -:wink:

It is confusing - is the “LV” the Fathom with the lowered deck? Or is the regular Fathom also lowered and if so starting when? The web site still features the old desctiption from several years ago that the Fathom is a “new” kayak …

First came the Fathom, designed for the larger paddler. A huge hit here in America and across the pond. So the next year we produced the Fathom LV to fit the smaller paddler. Based on feedback, this year we lowered the rear deck of the Fathom by just over 2 inches. The original Fathom is still avalible.

Hope that helps.

is there a name difference?
Asking for the “2 inch lower Fathom” may get kind of hard

Fathom II??
IMHO hope Eddyline fixed some of the other minor issues also. The major one is the front bulkhead durability. My Fathom is my favorite all around boat and best fitting. The Fathom is a great paddle. I would like a recessed back cockpit though. What is the going rate for a trade-in? :wink:


How did your big feet fair in the Fathom?


Jim - big feet
I never paddled the Fathom, only test-sat in one a couple of years ago. I recall my feet fit fine there with no boots. Never tried with boots on. May be I can try yours some day -:wink:

I had concerns about the width of the seat (felt just a bit too snug though not uncomfortably so). And the position and angle of the knee/thigh hooks - they did not seem right and were digging into my legs. The hooks were not adjustable (I suppose some foam might help but as it was it was not a great fit).

Forgot the exact dealer, but he was not far from the East side of the Chesapeake Bay bridge - very knowledgeable and nice person to work with and with just about every Eddyline at hand.

Thank you!
Thanks! I guess the way to find out is to sit in one and try it …

Would be nice it the info about the lower deck, plus some measurements made it to the web site.

Fathom Fit
I am 6’4" 215 11.5EEE. I would agree with Bill about the boat; fast acceleration, quick to turn, almost as fast as the P&H Quest, a little more efficient at 4-4.5mph, and handles conditions well. I surfed it in 3-4 footers and it did well. You can set the edge and go. I noticed a slight weather cocking in 20mph winds which is much less than most boats I have paddled. The skeg corrected through it. The thigh braces are perfect in height. I would like a longer and narrower keyhole. The foot room is great compared to other boats I have paddled. I put 5/8" padding on the hip braces to snug them up. It is amazing how a little here and there changes a fit of a boat. It reminds me of a dog chasing its tail trying to design the perfect fitting kayak. :wink:


Yes you are more than welcome to try the boat this spring. I will get in touch with you. The dealer is in Rock Hall. Jim and his wife are fantastic people. They also have B&Bs.