Anything new in waterproof case for iPhone 6?

I’ve been pleased with the Lifeproof Fre case for my iPhone 6. But, now it’s got a minor leak, and I will replace it. I’m wondering if there’s anything newer or better. My guess is, given that the introduction of the X means the 6 is two generations ago, manufacturers are not rushing new products to market for the iPhone 6. But, I thought I’d ask.

My case is well beyond the 1-year warranty period. A while back I was trying to get the ringer/silent button to toggle. I guess I tried a little too hard, and a small tear happened over the ringer/silent toggle. I patched it with Aquaseal, which restored the waterproofness, and kept using it. I suspect the minimal intrusion of water is coming from there, but not sure.

I have two complaints with the Lifeproof: 1) the touch id only works some of the time, and 2) you need an adaptor to plug in ear buds, and the adaptor is never around when I need it.

I’d be happy to receive recommendations on a good, waterproof case for the iphone 6. Got any?


I bought a Bessmate because I was too cheap to buy the Lifeproof. I wouldn’t recommend it as my photos are not as clear as they should be.The touch screen seems to work just fine. Regarding earbuds, are there Bluetooth options?

While we’re on this subject, does any waterproof case come with a lanyard attachment point?

@tjalmy said:
While we’re on this subject, does any waterproof case come with a lanyard attachment point?

All Aquapac cases do.

Lifeproof cases used to come with a lanyard, The lanyard hole is now used by the headphone jack cover tether. I pulled out the plastic headphone jack cover tether (it just snaps in), and installed a lanyard instead. You can either just use the headphone jack cover untethered (easy to lose), or in my case I left just a short piece of the flat plastic jack tether in place, drilled a hole in it, and tied it to the lanyard, to prevent its loss.

The following video should help make this clear:


I just use Dry-pac cases.

Pelican Box.