aol article on pack canoes

aol released a good article on pack canoes today. I ran into it while searching for something else.

Don’t know how to post a connecting link, but you can get to it by googling: “aol news story on canoes”

Maybe someone who isn’t such a luddite can post a direct link to the article.



Nice article.
Thanks for the links.

Nice article
I carry mine into a remote lake that’s 2.5 miles from the trailhead. I hardly ever see anyone there.

Years ago I had a 12 foot fiberglass canoe that weighed about 25 pounds. I carried it all over the place. On my last trip in the White Mountains of New Hampshire I hiked up a mountain for 3 hours to get to a remote lake. When I got there I was astounded to find 4 wheelers had driven up the power line on the other side of the mountain. bummer.

what lake was that?
Sawyer Pond? In the WMNF the ATVs are not allowed except on designated trails…I suspect you werent in the National Forest but just outside…

There has been a good deal of pressure on ATV groups to modify their behavior or be gone in the area. I live just outside the WMNF.

However if you are following a power line, thats prime ATV and snowmachine territory in these parts.

Thanks for posting link

Thanks for posting the link. It was worthy of sharing and I didn’t know how.


article on pack canoes
Link posted stopped working, I found the article again:

Still haven’t learned to post active links- will work on it.


new link
it appears this AP feature story is not being archived by the online papers.

A Google news search finds this is the last working link:

link to ultralight pack canoes
I found another link to article on pack canoes and I’m trying my first attempt at posting a link. Hope it works out.


Good Article
Back in the day, I used to pack inflatables back into the Sierras.

I saw a good price on an Old Town Pack this weekend. At 33# is was very tempting. At 10’ it might even fit in the van.

but I just don’t know when I would ever use it.

forgettabout it
The OT Pack is 12-foot, not 10.

Go here and follow the instructions:

Pack canoes
are great. If you want to buy one take a good look at Ally canoes. I have used several for years and they can take a lot of abuse and are very good canoes.


two meanings of "pack canoe"
Two different kinds of pack canoe are being talked about here.

As far as I know, Ally canoes are all folding boats (fabric and frame), so they can be put into a pack. But when they’re built, they’re full-size canoes.

Adirondack pack canoes are rigid (non-folding) boats made from all the usual canoe technologies, but they are so small (think 12 feet) and light that they can be carried (packed) into places where carrying a full-size canoe would be very inconvenient.

I think the original article was about pack canoes of the second kind.

– Mark