Apalachicola River Trip - need info


It’s that time again when we are beginning to plan another winter kayak expedition trip. In 2011 it will be the Apalachicola River and we will start a little north of Florida along the Florida/Alabama line. I think the river is called the Chattahoochee above Lake Seminole.

I am gathering info to plan the logistics but I am having trouble finding a map of the river with boat ramps, potential camp sites, etc. We were spoiled with the great maps that the Suwannee River Management people provided - has boat ramps, river miles as well as river camps.

We will be self-supported and need to know where water re-supply can be found as well as potential camp sites.

If anyone has done the river and/or knows where I can get info, maps, etc. please let me know.



Apalachicola maps
Try the FL Fish & Wildlife consevation comm’s

(www.MyFWC.com/recreation)office of recreational services

I got a great, free tyvex map, “Apalachicola River Wildlife & Environmental area Paddling trail system” they publish. It only covers the river’s delta but they should also have info/maps on more upstream sections

Thanks for the tip
I think I’ve already talked to them and found they don’t have a good map that shows miles and/or boat ramps and other info. I am in contact with the Apalachicola Riverkeeper and he and his friends have provide some great info but I can always use more.

Riverkeeper info if anyone is interested they watch over the river for all of us:


PO Box 8, 232B Water Street

Apalachicola FL 32329


Also looking for kayak shuttle service from Apalachicola to our put in at the FL/AL/GA border if anyone can recommend one.



Apalachicola River Shuttle
I think this is months after you have posted the original message about paddling the apalachicola. I live in Marianna, and would be glad to do a shuttle from Apalachicola to your put-in if you still need it. A retired teacher who is also an avid paddler and lives in the area.

i would be interested in the shuttle you mentioned although i am not the original seeker. i am in panhandle and west fl club. would be quite willing to pay fee. would like to make the trip sometime starting next week say around the 13th of nov. or so. thank you dennis

We did the trip back in Feb 2011 thanks
for your input. We used the outfitter Journey’s – on St George Island website: sgislandjourneys.com They were nice and shuttled us to the GA/FL/AL intersection. Read about our trip and see photos at www.paddleacrossflorida.com.

Need a shuttle responce today
Need a shuttle to Hwy 90 in Chatahootchee,Florida for trip on the Apalachicola River. Three paddlers and gear

contact Greg asap 407-702-0408