Apartment Kayak

I live in an apartment and have no garage or other place to keep a large (sea) kayak. Really the only place to keep one would be a small-ish walk-in closet.

I don’t really want something along the lines of a white-water kayak. There’s a lake near me that I’d like to paddle on eventually.

Is there something small enough to fit in the closet and also relatively cheap (smallish budget). I’m sort-of leaning toward a sit-on-top because it gets pretty hot here in TX…

Any suggestions would be great! Thanks!

A folding or
inflatable might be your solution. Check out a couple of the other threads going on now.

Happy paddling!

There are a number of demountable kayaks out there that would fit your needs. These ‘sectionals’ generally unbolt into three parts. I paddle a 17’ VOLKSKAYAK (VK), and the demountable version - the VOLKSKOMPONENTKAYAK (VKK)- fits in a Honda Civic hatchback, rides the apartment building elevator to your floor, and, with the sections stood on end, makes absolutely lovely apartment furniture. There are a bunch of similar designs out there - drop me an ‘e’ if you want more info on the VKK.



Creative thinking and priorities
Re-evaluate the space. Hallways, diagonal location, walls, ceilings…

I live in a 400 sq ft efficiency -with a nearly 20’ kayak (actually built it in there too. I’ve had 5 long boats inside at once.

Do you have anything in there more deserving of space than a kayak?!

You have space. Whether or not your access via doors/stairs/whatever allows you to fully use the space is another matter.