Apartment Storage?!

hi everyone.

i’m new to this, and just purchased my first kayak.

i’m wondering if anyone has some CHEAP or innovative ways to store my new 13’ friend.

here’s the catch - i live in an apartment complex :slight_smile:

i have a townhouse that i can keep it inside, but i also have roomates and want to be sensitive to them.

i’m not sure they want our living room bombarded with kayak gear, lol.

i’m looking for suggestions on how to store it properly somewhere inside my place, or outside if i need to.

i’ve looked at storage racks/hooks, covers, etc.

but it all seems kinda pricey.

anyone know of places or creative ways i can make this happen for cheaper?


Store it like Freya
Freya Hoffmeister stores her kayak in the livingroom http://freyahoffmeister.blogspot.com/ (picture about 1/3 of the way down the page.)

On your vehicle roof
We head to Florida for four months every year, and keep two kayaks and a canoe on the roof.

Either get a cover for it, or use 303 every so often, and use a cable and lock to keep it attached to the rack system.

When I was back in the work force, and would accept field assignments, I once kept a OT Discovery canoe on my car roof for a year, when it wasn’t in the water being paddled.

It works for me.



I’ll second that…
I live in a 2nd floor apartment. My boat spends much of it’s non-paddling life on top my car.

I keep is locked with a cable lock, and am careful not to overtighten the straps especially in hotter weather.


why America is in trouble

Get a couple of small metal shelves
from Target or Walmart, the ones about 3 ft tall. Works well for me.

Thanks you roof top folks for posts
Being handicapped, living in a condo, etc - My kayak lives on my roof May-October regardless of my schedule. Sometimes I’ve paddled weekly and other summers less than a half dozen times. (Our local water areas are very polluted and unappealing.) My kayak has spent winters in my living room and winters on my patio. I’ve a syphon for removing rain water from my kayak while it sits on the roof. During the days, when I’m at work, the kayak is much safer on the roof than it would be at home where there are no fences, gates, and guards. I’ve noticed more folks with canoes on their cars parked here at work these days. It makes very little difference on my MPG - so what the heck?

Kayak condo
is reasonably priced and high quality if you decide to store it inside. But I think it might be smartest to just keep it locked to your roof during paddling season. Definitely find or make some kind of cover for it so that it isn’t getting constant sun exposure.

During the non-paddling months, find a friend or co-worker who will let you store it in a shed, basement or garage. It can be easily strapped up into the rafters, out of the way. Bake them cookies or buy them a six pack of their favorite beer once a month for each month you get free storage.