Apex Kayaks

I was just surfing the Target.com website for a gift and happened to notice that they now sell recreational kayaks.

The brand names listed are Apex, Pursuit, Getaway, etc.

Actually, I'm not sure if these are brands or just models.

I was wondering if anyone had heard of these or had any opinions about them.

You can see them at:

I was thinking of the Apex SOT as a possibility to leave up at my parent's beach house on Lake Michigan. Didn't want to spend much, since we're not up there a lot. Would be for summer use only.

Or would it be better to get an inflatable? I could probably see paying a little more for one of these since we could use it for other travel.


Kayaks at Target.com
These are boat models manufactured by Pelican International of Canada. Their site is http://www.pelican-intl.com/. They also make many of the pedal boats for rental use and canoes for Coleman. Check prices at sporting goods stores because the prices are pretty steep at the Target site. I’ve seen Apex II’s going for under $300.00 and the smaller ones for around $200.00 or less. They may not be as well regarded as the bigger name kayaks, but way, way better than a cheap inflatable.