Apontus roof rack

I’ve seen these advertised on eBay and Amazon. They appear to have adjustments for side rails similar to Thule and Yak but they cost just around forty bucks. I’m looking for a second rack to loan friends who borrow my kayaks and I realize that for forty bucks it won’t be as high end as the big guys, but… Does anyone have any experience with the Apontus?

Try strap on surfboard pad carriers
They will work to carry kayaks and won’t fail. Cost is similar. These are delux.


If you lose your boats on a freeway, it’s going to cost you a lot more than 40 bucks. The fact that you can’t find any manufacturer information or review for this product is a bad sign. Likely fly by night People’s Republic of Junk import.

how do those protect your car roof?
Do they mount to a rack, or directly to the roof?

Side rails

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They mount to the side rails of a factory rack. The Apontus that is, not the foam ones.

Apontus, here you go

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Product on amazon with at least six reviews.

Lots of things are made in China, we've already been down this road. Personally i'd go this route rather than paying more for a soft pad that doesn't protect your car roof.

Forty bucks and it’s okay.

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Well I bought it and despite some misgivings at first--poor instructions and a lousy bar to tower fit, it works. I had to tighten a 10mm bolt under the tower that I figured out on my own. The whole rig appears to be a copy of Thule bars and Yakima towers, except instead of steel and vinyl, it's aluminum and plastic. There is no fit guide from Apontus, and Apontus isn't a rack company, it's a Chinese import company. They import yard umbrellas, too. Installation is easy but primitive compared to Thule, Yak, Inno and all the rest, but it works for 2001 Outback side rails. I put some Yak Cobra bike mounts on, loaded the bikes and hit the road at 65 with no problems. One funny detail is a strip of PVC provided that slips into the adjustment channel under the bars. It's called an Anti-Whistling Device. This rack won't fit everything. it's cheaply made, but so far it works. I guess it's like buying a forty dollar kayak paddle. i'll follow this review up after a year of use and let you know if it's still okay.