Apostle Islands

Anyone have advice for a couple traveling to the Apostle Islands mid July?

Looking to use our touring kayaks and tent cvamp a bit. Quiet waters R Us.


get in touch with
Trek and Trail in Bayfield, they rent equipment, arrange tours of really neat places, etc.

did it on our own
That shop in Bayfield is probably a great place for advice.

We didn’t use a guide however and ended up having an absolute blast…even lived it up at a less-rustic campground with showers one night.

We didn’t get to Devils Island but everyone says it’s awesome and not to miss. However, we were there in late August and the waves were big and winds were howling every day so we never made it out that far.

Sea Caves on Sand Island were very cool. York Island has a very long beach, almost nobody out there and a nice bay for relaxing. It looked like a tropical oasis or something (if you exchanged Palm Trees for Pine Trees) and despite its lack of thngs to see was our favorite stop because the camping was more rustic than Sand Island.

We also camped on the mainland, paddled to Basswood Island (not all that impressive, but fun none-the-less) and Stockton and Oak Islands. The last two were busier with hikers and stuff, but in all it was sunny the entire time we were there and I don’t think I once had to worry about motor boats running me over. Lots of sail boats, tourist ferries to watch for (no biggie, they expect kayaks to be all over the place and were very considerate) and the general things to be cautious of on the big lake: wind, waves, cold water.

Great trip!
The Apostle Islands are amazing! I did a fabulous 5-day trip out there in '02 with Adventures in Perspective (Now Living Adventure at http://www.livingadventure.com/) and we made it out to Devil’s and circumnavigated, taking time to play around the caves and also hiked up to the lighthouse and picked blueberries. Deelish.

I was there in late July/early August but we managed to somehow have perfect conditions to get out to Devil’s (from the south point of Rocky) that day. We had a very light breeze at our backs and almost perfectly calm water. It was a nice change after battling some chop and wind the few days before.

The Fish Camp at Manitou was interesting, and we also stopped on the northern part of that island. I really loved Rocky Island. There’s a nice set of campsites right on the beach/spit.

We were supposed to go out toward Cat but the winds and waves forced us to take refuge on Ironwood one night. Basically, our trip was:

Day 1-Red Cliff to Oak Island

Day 2-Oak to Ironwood with 2 stops on Manitou

Day 3-Ironwood to Rocky with a stop on South Twin (desserted and really nice)

Day 4-Rocky to Devil’s to Bear

Day 5-Bear to Little Sand Bay with a stop on Raspberry

Our guide had nearly a decade of experience in the Apostles and was incredible. The food was divine. I was traveling solo and had never paddled in Superior, so I wanted a guided trip so I had less to worry about (permits, etc.). There were lots of people camping in Bayfield that were going out on their own.

Wear a wetsuit and take bug dope, the skeeters can be wicked! Take time to visit Bayfield and eat the berries!! Some of the most delicious I’ve had.

I’m glad to share other info. If interested drop me an email.

Red Cliff is a great starting point
Red Cliff is a great starting point, your first island or two is nearly completely protected by virtue of your geography there. This gives you a chance to get used to the big lake before you get to the more exposed islands.

I should have mentioned in my first post that the one downside of our trip leg from Little Sand Bay -> Sand Island -> York Island -> Little Sand Bay was exposure to Northwest winds…of which there never seem to be a shortage on Lake Superior.