Apostle Islands

The Mrs. and I are trying to get up there in late August after we pack the brats off to college. I’ve booked a couple of yak trips with Living Adventures which some of you had recommended in some posts in the archives.

Can anyone recommend lodging (hotel/motel) in Bayfield?

Anything else worth seeing in the area or on the way up from Chicago?

Any suggestions will be appreciated.

apostle islands
Well I just came back from the Apostle Islands and although we spent most of the time camping (Oak Island), we also spent a night at the Super 8 in Ashland which was nice. There is also an excellent brewery (South Shore Brewery) in Ashland that you should check out. Their stout is great! Depending on your route, Devil’s Lake/Mirror Lake/the Dells might be a place to stop and do some hiking/paddling.

Big Bay State Park on Madeline Island
Big Bay State Park on Madeline Island is worth a ferry ride or kayaking over. Nice biking as well. I’ve got some pictures from the area at http://www.kayakwisconsin.net/kayaking-pictures.html. Go to the Big Bay - Lake Superior Gallery. You can get a feel for the beach area and the lagoon.

You may want to stop at Copper Falls State Park for a quick hike to see the falls. Or go over to Amnicon State Park. Very nice park with lots of falls as well.

Rittenhouse Inn
It’s a great B&B in Bayfield. I would recommend this AFTER your camping in the Apostles. The contast will enhance the experience. Sounds like a great time.

When you going in Aug?
I’ll be there Aug 28th thru Sept. 3rd.


Hi Ken
We’ll get there the evening of 8-22 and leave midday on 8-24 after our second tour. Too bad we can’t connect because your pics are some of the best I’ve ever seen.

We would like to head to Door County after that because we have not been there in a couple of years and that is one of my favorite places in the world.

Neceedah NWR
Bruce, if you are going up I-39/51 from Madison, I highly recommend Neceedah NWR. There is an ongoing program to reintroduce Whooping Cranes. They raise the chicks there and train them to follow ultralight aircraft resembling adult Whoopers. They are training the young now and it would be worthwhile to see.

Sounds good Johnhens
Right up our alley.

Thanks to all of you. I’ve made notes.

I live up here in the summers, and there are lots of great places to stay. Bed and breakfasts here are cute, but quite expensive. The Rittenhouse is dark and extremely victorian–some people love it; other hate it (include me in the latter category). Great, pricey places on the water include Island View Inn and Thimbleberry Inn (both are close to Living Adventures, which is a great company to go with). An inexpensive and very nice b and b, with good views, is Tree Top Inn–Sandy’s prices are about a third of the other places in town, so she’s booked up early.

Taking the ferry over to Madeline Island is lots of fun, and the Woods Manor Inn is a great place to stay there, and a short walk from the dock.

For a major splurge, Wild Rice Restaurant is great. Maggies is reasonable and good food and long lines, but worth it.

The Bayfield Chamber of Commerce has listings for all these places–


Have fun–there are so many good places to paddle up here.

Thanks Tiva

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I made reservations at the Woodside Cottages- looked OK from the pictures. Dark and Victorian is not my style either except I did enjoy the Addams Family and The Munsters.

Thanks for all the other tips too.

just got back
I just got back yesterday from the Apostles, and I think it’s pretty well covered here. If you’re looking for simple, inexpensive and clean, try Seagull Bay Motel but all Bayfield accomodations are usually sold out in advance in summer.

As we found out last year, prices won’t drop for accomodations until you drive out of the area. Ironwood MI is on our way home (coming from Rockford, up 51 to 13) and has a lot of decent places to spend a night in a real bed with a shower. It’s also easier to find availability then Bayfield/Washburn/Ashland.

Wild Rice is excellent but very expensive. Had dessert there two years ago. I also drove thru the parking lot yesterday to show it to a friend (open for dinner only) and saw a bear wandering thru the parking lot.