I have been keeping half an eye out to upgrade the sons boat. I think he has stopped expanding at 6’2" 220 with a 12 hoof.

I saw a Dagger apostle for sale semi close. Is this boat a decent one for a person his size? The Perception Carolina he has been powering for a couple years I cant keep up with in the sea lion so I expect if he gets a boat that is made to move he can set up camp so its ready when I get there.

I cant seem to find specs on the Apostle beyond length and width overall. I need cockpit size (looks OK in the pics, but…) and recommended max weight. They get used for some day trips, but also for non resupplied river trips to 5 days. It needs to carry him and all of his gear, figure 70-80 lb, with a margin for error.

You’ll find the info you want

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in the Dagger catalog:


Also, here's a thread from last year:

I just measured the cockpit of my…
Apostle and it is 16.5" wide, 32" long and 11" deep. Hope this helps. Jaws