Apple Line Canoes??

Check out the 17’ Duraflex “Apple Line” canoe on eBay in California.

My eye tells me it looks like a quality boat. But I don’t know anything about the company or the designers.



A search at e-bay…
…turned up the following: “0 items found for 17’ Duraflex “Apple Line” canoe”

Please post an item number Pat. Thanks, Randall

“Apple Line” canoe

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Yes, it does seem to be a well made and apparently very custom canoe.

I tried ' "Apple Line" canoe ' in a google search and only found a couple hits:

The C-Forum... More of an open canoe problem but does any one have any tips on how to repair the ... It could be from Apple Line (manufactured in New Yawk state, don't cha know ... - 57k - Supplemental Result - Cached - Similar pages

The C-Forum... ancient, and unaesthetically looking, slalom c-2 (an old Apple Line, Tryumph!) and went ... that NBC's website says Scott Shipley is competing in whitewater canoe? ... viewall?forumid=14381&it=155 - 98k - Supplemental Result - Cached - Similar pages

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Drop Duraflex, juat use "Apple Line"

Used to see Apple Line canoes at slalom
races on the Nantahala. I believe they were laid up somewhere in New York. Haven’t seen any since I gave up being Southeasterns boat inspector. I think the constructor(s) may not be as active.

Another suggestion: post on, or e-mail Kaz directly at Millbrook Boats, as he is a similar small volume composite open and decked boat builder, would surely have known the Apple Line people.

e-bay link is:

Apple Line

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Edited: Found a catalog ca. late 1970s, prior to the move to Amsterdam. Stan and Cathy Zdunek were proprietors. Maunfacturing at this time included Kevlar, Vinylester and S-glass. Don't know anything about this boat, but a number of racing and recreation molds were available for 'build your own in our shop', in cluding a 17' recreation boat the 'Winesap' and a c-1 large volume slslom called the 'Stuffed Apple'.

Apple Line canoes and kayaks used to be made outside of Schenectady, NY, then moved to nearby Amsterdam, NY ca. 1980. I think they went out of business around the mid 1980's. I believe they were making slalom kayaks for some of the US Olympic team in the late 1970s. They manufactured boats (canoes, kayaks, Adk. guideboats) from a number of different designers, but I don't remember much else. There are probably some boats still around the Albany-Schenectady-Troy, NY area. If I remember more I'll edit this post.


A C-1 MaxII by Apple Line

Amsterdam Boat Works
Originally the company was called ACRO International, then Apple Line, and finally Amsterdam Boat Works. It went out of business in March of 1988. They made both canoes and kayaks.

It looks to me that the HIN is AYY063410663. In 1972 HINs were standardized so that they could relay information such as model year and manufactured year. This HIN is older than that, but it appears to me that the model year may be 1963. It could have been manufactured in June of 1963. A common practice prior to 1972 was to display the manufactured month and year as the last 4 digets. In this case 0663 or June 1963.

In any case, this is an old canoe - at least 32 years old and probably over 40.

A bit old!
I have paddled assembly line and custom boats that were 20-25 years of age. I have also repaired the average and even the best of these. The worst were just thrown out. Even the best hulls start to have problems when they hit ages over 20 years, not just a few but all of them. This Apple Line you are looking at looks to be a well built boat in decent shape, but remember it’s age. Do not pay too much for it. Do not use it to what were once it’s limits. Reset those limits down. AND be prepared to do repairs and restoration.

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That’s the beauty of Internet fora! Thanks all for thorough info. Now I know a little something about Apple Line.